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Today's reading: 1 Corinthians 6:1-11

How sweet it would be if we lived in a perfect world with no arguing, fighting and definitely no lawsuits. But the reality is we live in a sinful world filled with sinful people which means there is going to be conflict and disputes will arise--even among brothers and sisters in Christ. So I found Paul's urging for believers to work disputes out among themselves a good reminder. As followers of Christ we are called to live by a higher standard, which includes striving for unity with other believers. The words of verse 7 really drove this message home for me.

"To have lawsuits at all with one another is already a defeat for you."

What are the benefits of believers working out their disputes with regard to the individuals involved? What are the benefits for the church body? What message does it send to those who don't yet know Christ but who are watching and taking notice of our actions? Tami

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I think the benefit for believers is that we get to exercise the ministry of reconciliation, and healing can take place. Although, I know not all of the time, people involved will want that. The benefit to the church body is that HOPEFULLY it becomes a safe place where people are free to make mistakes and learn how to deal with those mistakes without being shamed and humiliated. The message it sends to the world when we don't do what the Lord says is that we're hypocrites and it has the power to potentially turn people away from Christ.

Well said Stacy H. I am very curious to hear what Brian has to say.

Regards in Christ


N.B. I wish you all a God blessed new year.

Believers working out their differences without lawsuits is the ideal, and maintains a balance for everyone, when that isn't achieved it sends a negative message that puts personal gain and motives in the forfront leaving God out of the equation by letting imperfect men or women judge, when only God can judge without bias. Its understandable that negligiance is a key factor in some cases, but it doesn't profit anyone morally to make people pay a price for it, nor does it really help you to move on in forgiveness, there are some things that money or mans principles won't resolve, only God can bring the peace that we so desperately need.Someone who doesn't know Christ would never consider there is another option, and that is very sad and doesn't benefit us as christians, who know the truth.

To build on what Stacy laid out so well, I'm reminded that one of the things Jesus prayed for in His "High Priestly Prayer" in John is that we would be one, united in Him. How are we to display His spirit of unity if we're quarreling among each other?

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