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Today's reading: 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

Paul addresses some discord that has arisen within the church body in 1 Corinthians 1:10-17. Drawing from his letter, the believers in Corinth are letting their personal preferences for specific teachers (traits, mannerisms, personalities) cause divisions among them, which in turn, is taking their focus away from the vital message of Christ.

We all have preferences. It's part of how we're wired. So how do you keep personal preferences in check when it comes to the preaching and teaching of God's Word (and other things) at church? How might you help and respond to someone whose strong personal preferences may be pulling them off target? Tami

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Discussing these things with your prayer partner or mature Christian might be helpful if you are accountable to each other. I know my husband is a great help when dealing with this kind of issues. He helps me stay focused on God. I would like to think I help him the same way.

Discontent with the situation in my life is rebellion against Gods plan for my life or the situation. I must surrender my will to God's plan for my life and the situations that come into my life. Robert thank you for serving and I am sure the Lord has a new plan for your life. Only in heaven will you see the rewards for all the seeds you have sown. I have walked through a very dark valley and the light only came when I gave up my plans for my life and gave complete control over to God. Now 15 years later I can see his plan was best, still not my choice but I try to surrender daily..

An important thing from the Bible is ;
Be still and know that "I" am God. We need to give ourselves a chance to listen to God.

Preferences in life.....broad subject...putting God first in all things, clearly understood. The honesty in the above comments are so awesomely refreshing. Not a sermon, but a true testimony. Yes, in my opinion, it always and always will come back to humbling ourselves before God. Not always what we would have chosen, but a means of Christian growth. In approaching another born again believer regarding their preferences, I believe we must, ourselves, spend time, HUMBLY, in the presence of God, imploring HIS wisdom as to approach another on this, as it can be a path we want to tread lightly.

It's good that God created us with different preferences. However, the problem in this scenario was that the Corinthians had lost sight of the fact that Christ is the one we follow. While we can have our preferences, we must also remember that in Christ, we're united. He brings us together, and we're to submit ourselves to Him.

I have listened to you for so long. Miss Dr. Kroll. Thank you for these short but powerful devotionals. I am enjoying listening to Warren Weisbe driving from work now.
Please continue to educate us on God's Word. Short, to the point and thought provoking. Perfect length after a long days work.
God Bless

agreement=no division isn't always true but God centered=no self centered is.I always liked the phrase "don't sweat the small stuff" but once I gave my heart to Christ it took on a different feel,I could let God handle All the stuff.Being right wasn't as important but doing right was.The grey areas (different viewpoints) become less and less of an issue if we/I speak and act with the "mind of Christ".Prayer is my pause button which usually lets Him speak instead of me. WWJD

I believe we basically should follow only as it lines up with the word of God. As regards to others this should be done by humbly seeking the Holy Spirit through much pray and fasting.

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