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Today's reading: Proverbs 28:1-28

Proverbs 28 has much to say about observing and upholding the law and having integrity. It reads like a commentary of sorts on doing what's right. As I read I noticed that walking was used as a descriptor and illustration in three verses. Verses 6 and 18--walking in integrity, and verse 26--walking in wisdom.

After reading Proverbs 28, how would you describe walking in integrity? Tami

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To me integrity is to mean what you say and to let your actions speak with your words.

Walking in integrity, to me, as maintaining a consistent character in all situations, whether seen or unseen. Many of the actions and consequences described in Proverbs 28 don't necessarily happen in the public eye, but they still spell out the level of integrity of the person acting.

C.S. Lewis is credited as saying, "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." I think that's actually a very good summary of many sections of Proverbs.

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