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Today's reading: Psalm 119:57-64 (Heth)

As I took in Psalm 119:57-64, I couldn't help but notice how the Psalmist was intentional about taking in and knowing God's Word. We see him:

  • thinking and considering in verse 59,
  • remembering in verse 61, and
  • praising in verse 62

How, and in what manner, are you intentional when it comes to God's Word? Tami

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Intentional time in communion with Him is a regular, daily necessity for me. Taking it in, giving praise for His promises, determining to obey His commands and discerning the meaning of His Word worth the Holy Spirit's help are all important parts of that.

Being intentional with Scripture makes life more beneficial. One of the benefits is learning to commune with my creator as I read His word and listen to His voice. Another benefit is having God's word ingrained into my very being, into my heart. That happens when one is intentional with Scripture. When the words of God, His precepts, and His statutes, are ingrained upon my life, I learn to live in a more God honoring manner. That makes me kinder to others around me. The benefit list could go on forever. Being intentional with Scripture makes life more beneficial.

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