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Today's reading: Psalm 106:1-31

Experience is a good teacher. So a big part of growing in our walk with the Lord needs to include looking back and drawing on our past successes and stumbles just like the psalmist does here in Psalm 106. But here's the thing. We have a big advantage over the psalmist because we have the entire Bible--full of examples of people's successes, failures, mistakes and stumbles--to draw from as well. Think about it. We have the ultimate guide to Christian living and knowing God's heart and mind right at our fingertips! That's pretty cool.

So how have you used past experiences to help you grow in your walk with the Lord? Have you found this beneficial? How can you make better use of your past experiences and the examples and particularly the experiences of people in the Bible going forward? Tami

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As we look back on past failures, we're reminded of God's grace. As we look back on past blessings, we're reminded of God's faithfulness. In any event, looking back for a bit can aid us in moving forward more successfully.


My biggest influence apart from Jesus has been Job.

Here is a person who loses everything of value including his health & still he praises God.

I suffered three strokes, but these only strengthened my faith.

For I got to see that no matter my circumstances, there are those in worse states than I.

God has used my weakness to show me how strong He is.

I love looking back to times where I thought life was crumbling before my eyes. Looking back I remember how much I struggled, how hard things were and how cloudy decisions were. But God pulled me through. Those were my weakest times and He did give me strength. Whenever I am in a tough time I look back, remember how He guided and carried me through those past ones, and lean on him to help me now.

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