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Today's reading: Luke 22:63-70

There is nothing I dislike more than be accused of wrongdoing when that's not the case. It feels awful. So when that happens, my first response is typically to get angry and, of course, I want to defend myself because I want people to know that I am innocent!

Well, we don't see any of that with Jesus in Luke 22:63-70. Even though Jesus has been wrongly arrested, and is now being mocked, beaten and blasphemed, we don't see any angry response or words of retaliation. And when Jesus is questioned before the Council, the response He gives is matter of fact. He simply states the truth.

So what can we learn from Jesus about responding to persecution and ridicule for being followers of Christ? And on a different note, what do these verses reveal about Who Jesus is? Tami

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Jesus' action here is brilliant. He makes no qualms about the fact that He is the Son of God, but, at the same time, He won't give the Sanhedrin the satisfaction of an argument. Their action will be on their heads, fully and completely. Jesus is build enough to speak the truth, firm enough to stand by it, and wise enough not to sink to the level of the persecutors.

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