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Today's reading: Luke 21:5-38

Jesus gives us a glimpse of what we can expect to see, hear and experience as we wait for His return. As I read through this passage, I noticed how some things have taken place, other things are happening and evident now, and still others are yet to come. Which brought me back to Jesus' caution to not be fooled and led astray by false claims (vs. 8) and His instruction to stay alert and not get bogged down and distracted by our earthly lives, but rather be anticipating, and ready for, His return (vs. 34-36).

How important is engaging God's Word in helping you discern truth? How much does Christ's return impact your daily actions and thinking? Tami

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Engaging in God's word helps us to decipher what is truth and what isn't. It allows for us to know the signs of his coming and not be fooled by false prophets that claim to be true. Christ's return should have great impact on us! Knowing we are in the middle of the end signs should keep us in His word and connecting with other believers to spread the word to all those around us!

For the Christian, this is the most exciting time to be alive on earth. I agree that we must keep watch and in anticipation. I am so excited, everyday I wonder, is this the day Jesus will return? My family and I are ready! :-)

God's Word is Truth, so engaging in it is vital if we're to discern Truth.

I think I've mentioned this before, but one thing I consistently stress to people is this--Within each of our lifetimes, one of two things will certainly occur: either Christ will return, or we will die. Both are a certainty, and either could occur at any given time. So, we must always be alert and ready, seeking to be as close to God as we can be.

Engaging in Gods word is very important. He shows us how to keep a balance by being properly informed and obedient to his word and following his instructions.

It's ironic that you bring up the caution about being fooled led astray by false claims. The whole bible is a huge compilation of false claims. Have you ever read any of the books by Bart D. Ehrman? He is a world-renown new testament scholar who went to moody bible institue and now teaches at UNC Chapel Hill. I particularly like his books "Misquoting Jesus" and "God's Problem", which are excellent introductions on the bible's history. They show how the bible has been altered, mistranslated, and mis-transcribed numerous times throughout its history, and how the different books in the bible have drastically different and often contradictory messages. It's extremely fascinating, and I highly recommend his books. One cannot possibly be a christian if one has even a modicum of understanding about the history of the bible.

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