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Today's reading: Psalm 88

Psalm 88 is not a "feel good" psalm for me. The author is distressed and hurting and when we get to the final verse, he's still there. Now if you're like me, you want (maybe even expect?) to see things righted by the time we get to the end of the chapter, kind of like how we like movies to have a happy ending. But Psalm 88 isn't a movie. It's real life, and as we know, hard circumstances take time to work through.

So what does Psalm 88 show us about communicating with God in and through tough times--when we are hurting, afraid, discouraged, feeling hopeless? Tami

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This is one of few--if not the only--Psalm that doesn't have a hopeful, positive ending. In that respect, it really isn't a feel-good Psalm.

There are a couple of thoughts that jump out at me, though:

1) Despite the sorrow he feels, the writer clings to whatr he knows about God: that He saves and had power to intervene.

2) Despite the length of his ordeal and the depth of his sorrow, the writer perseveres. Knowing what he knows about God, he continues seeking God gave and intervention.

So, while not as cheery a Psalm as most of the others, we can still come away with something truthful, affirming, and even, in a sense, encouraging.

This Psalm shows us that we shouldn't feel afraid or ashamed to tell God how we feel. He wants us to be real with him, but it also takes time. He works and answers in His own timing and we need to remember that. We also can't forget to praise, worship, and trust Him while we wait.

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