Good to be Small

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Today's reading: Luke 9:46-48

Jesus uses a child to demonstrate to the disciples that being great, exalted, famous, popular, significant, isn't what God is looking for.

So what does God look for from us? What does Jesus' message that the least will be great mean to you? Tami

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Jesus looks for humility, simple trust, dependence upon Him--those things which make children childlike.

What Brian said :)

I am amazed at the faith of children and their innocence and their ability to trust. That's what the Lord likes.

I agree with these two comments. But if anyone has ever wanted to be noticed--in their circle of friends, in their work setting, or had the feeling that they don't count for so much in their family growing up, the search for power can be so insidious that we don't even realize how much our pride gets in the way of our relationship with God. Pride is the sin that I fight the most often.....usually it isn't about a HUGE issue, but just wanting to be accepted because I don't want to be disliked, wanting to be respected in the work setting, or some such thing. I search for that child-like trust....and know it's a key to my relationship with God. Somehow, I so often feel the need to measure up with peers, until I am reminded again that it's faith and trust that I really need! God will not fail me.....

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