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Today's reading: Luke 11:33-36

After talking about himself (the Son of Man) being a sign to this generation in Luke 11:29-32, Jesus then shifts to talking about lights--how lights are visible and how we should be full of light.

So what's one thing you noticed about being a light for Christ from Jesus' words in Luke 11:33-36? What does being a light look like in your day to day life? Tami

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"Your eye is the lamp of your body." Have you ever heard of the saying "Be careful little eyes what you see?"?? This was a children's song I had grown up listening to. It's very true, that what we see impacts our heart and body. How often are you able to watch something (situation, movie, etc) and forget what you saw? Not very likely. Our brains have great memory, and what's more is that our hearts are more susceptible and are influenced in even the smallest ways. Too many times watching bad stuff and we start to change in our ways for the worse.

When I was little I used to watch The Rugrats...My mom would "ground" me from watching it after a few times because she said my attitude would turn for the worse because I was being influenced by how Angelica acted. How's that for being influenced by what you see?

If you spend so much time worshiping God, praising God, and honoring him, you reinforce the positive light of Christ. Others will be influenced by you too!

I feel that it's spending time with God, in Prayer, learning His Word, praising Him. Also, taking care of your body and mind with exercise, eating right, and getting enough sleep. A Balance...

If we are opening our eyes to the Truth of the Word and take it in readily, our lives will be filled with light.

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