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Today's reading: Luke 8:4-15

We're taking another look at the parable of the sower today, but this time we're going to dig in and consider Jesus' message about God's Word.

What does this passage reveal about the importance of God's Word? How do you after "hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart and bear fruit with patience"? Tami

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A seed needs water to grow. The Word is also the living waters. A seed needs protection and the ability to recieve the water, and this comes from the Holy Spirit in you revealing to you the things in you that would be called thorns; through prayer. Also needs to be cared for constantly; which is making it's care top priority in your life. Treating crops like a farmer would is a smart thing to do. You notice they're up before the sun, doing what they need to do to grow things, even though at first, they don't see anything there but dirt, they keep it up day after day anyway, knowing it won't be long before they do see results. You see that when plants finally do poke up out of the ground, they don't just walk away thinking it's all done then. They keep a constant watch for "weeds" coming up, and get rid of them just as soon as the see them. The ground around the plants is maintained clean always. Find a successful farmer somewhere and learn from him; it's worth the effort. Or even a lady somewhere who grows awesome flowers. It's the best process we have still to grow things. God is the smartest designer you will ever know, and He's proved it time and again for 6,000 years. Blessings.

Great thoughts, Aaron. I could not agree with you more. This is truly an amazing passage of scripture because it reveals the heart and the various ways we react to the word. God knows what type of "soil" we are and today I just can't get my mind off of Meriam Ibrahim who is truly displaying faithfulness to the Word,while waiting for the Sudanese government and our government to do what they are going to do with her. I am thinking about how she believes in the same Jesus I do and the tremendous trial she is going through. I can't imagine how she feels or her fear, but this I know, she is firm in the Word and her faith, I'm sure is bearing the fruit of patience all over the place.

God's Word is powerful, but what we do with it is up to us. Footpath people refuse to believe, rocky soil people believe the message, but never decide to sincerely act on it and surrender all. Form patch people leave no room for God in their lives amid the worries and materialistic things of this world. Good soil people hear, believe, accept, surrender, and are faithfully obedient.

I find out important to note that we, as believers, are tasked with sharing the Word the way the farmer scatters seed and the fisherman casts his net. Not every vast brings up fish; not every seed reaps a harvest; but, our calling remains.

This passage of scripture has helped put new perspective on my own heart and mind. While I know these verses and have read them many, many times this is the first time I have read them when my heart and faith are not in the best place. These precious God words both convicted and encouraged. While I have let testing and difficult circumstances cloud my heart I am encouraged that as I pull myself together and get back into daily feeding myself with God I will again be able to produce a crop. I will meditate in these verses for many days to come.

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