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Today's reading: Psalm 77

When you think about it, hardships, trouble, tough times all describe what we should expect as we live out the Christian life, and we see that pretty clearly here in Psalm 77. Now I've lived long enough to know this--well. Even so, somehow, in the back of my mind there's still this little thought that life should be easy and carefree, and if and when I hit that rough spot, I can pray and God will fix it. Well that's not reality. It's not what God's Word tells us. So when I allow myself to indulge in this thinking, it pulls me off track from God and that, in turn, typically leads to disappointment and discouragement.

So how can we use Psalm 77 to keep us on track with God and encourage us when we're in the middle of tough times? What does it tell us about taking our troubles, concerns and problems to the Lord? Tami

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I am 67 years young and I have been a Christian 57 years. It has not always been easy. Yes, I have had easy times but they they were followed by difficult or dangerous events. However, I always sought the Lord to find peace, joy, meaning and deliverance in the hard times.

I was particularly struck by vs 11-12. God has done mighty works in my life, not the least which was his healing me of an incurable illness which had plagued me for more that 25 years.

Looking back, at his marvelous works I can echo the words of that famous hymn " 'tis grace will lead me home".

When we have a decision to make, do not try to figure it out with your mind. To somewhere to get still and let your spirit search diligently for God's voice.

vs.19 stands out to me today "yet his footprints were unseen" How
many times when circumstances were really hard I can look back and
see God's footprints and know that "he was there all the time" and carried me through. He is always there! Praise Him who never forsakes us.

I, too, often think of/dream of a life which is easy and carefree. But, like Tammy--I've lived long enough now to know that that just isn't to be! When I look back at my life, though, I can see how God worked for my good, no matter what the situation! And, I do think that those "rough spots" in life are opportunities for us to grow as Christians. Sometimes growing hurts! But I wouldn't want to give up the opportunity to learn and grow by choosing the carefree life! (If that were even possible...).

Notice that, up to verse 10, Asaph's focus is on himself and his problems. When we get to verse 11,however, his focus begins to shift from himself to God. As he called upon God in his distress, God began to shift Asaph's attention to Himself and His attributes, and that made all the difference for him.

I particularly like v.12 "I will meditate also upon all Your works and consider all Your [mighty] deeds". There's no benefit to focusing on your troubles, and indeed I would like to be able to, in the midst of trouble, focus on previous times when God had come through for me. I will believe that he remains sovereign and always has a plan (which I may not understand) but MUST trust.

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