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Today's reading: Luke 9:37-43; Mark 9:14-29

Jesus interacts with a distressed father in our passages for today, and then heals the man's son who has been plagued with a demon since he was little. My heart went out to this father who wanted so badly to help his son. In his desperation he implores Jesus to help "if you can." Jesus' response conveys a strong message. "And Jesus said to him, 'If you can'! All things are possible for one who believes."

What do Jesus' words show us about God's power? What did you see from these passages about the importance of having faith, relying on God and prayer? Tami

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Jesus' words are most powerful; this is why we pray, "In Jesus' name". My favorite was, "This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer." We are called to pray constantly without ceasing. Praying without stopping is having faith and putting our trust in God. God can work through our prayers, but only if we commit to them.

I think its a scripture that reminds of how little faith we have outside communication with God. We need constant relationship, and constant communication with God. Personally I do have doubts and to be honeest, I often find beleiving God very hard. When I was a child and had not seen so much, and had not been so interrupted by the things society has put around me. It seemed as though at that time of my life, it was just so much easier to beleive in the power of God. But seeing too much, and not always having a filter has caused my beleif to sway. I really neeed to ask God today to help my unbelief, and to help me to filter out the things that cause such disbeleif. Faith requires prayer, and prayer should be practiced daily, hourly, and even more often if I truly desire to have the faith that doesnt contemplate the "IF's" and instead removes the barriers and causes me soley to rely on the power of God.

There's an old song that sums up God's power and the importance of faith and prayer in appropriating it very well:

There are no boundaries, no limits,
To what God can do--
To what He can do
Through me and through you
If we'll just ask Him and believe that
He is able to do;
And it's according to the power
That's working in you.

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