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Today's reading: Luke 9:28-36

Today, I was struck by the different look this transfiguration passage gives us of Jesus. So I spent a little time looking back through the passage focusing on what certain phrases and verses revealed to me about Jesus. It was a good exercise, so I'm asking you to join me.

Read back through Luke 9:28-36 specifically focusing on what you can learn about Jesus. What did you notice? Did you see anything that maybe you hadn't observed or considered before? Tami

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Yes, actually I did notice something I had not seen before... which is odd, I have read this, but for some reason never thought about it. Verse 29 where it says his clothing became dazzling white.... NOW that is different. It's not like there was any clorox or he was doing laundry :)

Also, this passage is quite intense and I think there's a reason the disciples didn't mention it, because to see the Lord transformed would have been a HUGE thing...thanks for pointing us in this direction Tami.

This passage revealed to me that Jesus is extremely humble, selfless and faithful. It also showed how kind and understanding he is because he said nothing to Peter for his comment.

I do not know why but the exact wording"the appearance of His face was changed", seemed odd to me. Are we being told that He looked like someone other than Jesus or simply that His face was shining?

What I notice about Jesus here is that He is totally focused, as usual, on His mission here. He's revealing His glory to these three, but not just as a show. He's given them another inside glimpse of who He is, right after He's explained why He came.

Kirk - The Greek word that's translated as "changed" pretty much simply equates to His face being either of a different form or quality. There doesn't seem to be anything specific mentioned, nor do other uses of the word give any hard clues. Somehow or other, though, it was clearly different. Yet, Peter, James, and John all recognized Him (and both Moses and Elijah, interestingly enough). I figure that's the more important thing to grasp in all of this.

Stacy - Other recordings of this story in the other gospels reveal that Jesus instructed the three disciples not to mention this until after He'd been resurrected.

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