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Today's reading: Luke 2:8-21

Since there is so much going on in Luke 2, I decided to take another look at Luke 2:8-21 for today, only this time focusing on the shepherds.

What did you notice about the shepherds' response to the angel and to seeing Jesus? What does the angel delivering the news of Christ's birth to the shepherds reveal about God? Tami

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The angels were terrified because I'm sure they had never seen an angel before and it must have been such a bright light in the dark. It's amazing they just picked-up and left to Jesus. I picture if that happened now, people would be discussing among themselves if they should go and worried about leaving their property (sheep). But they didn't delay at all. The angel must have communicated to their spirit in such a way that surpasses just giving out information. God choosing to give the news to the shepherds reveals that he loves and desires relationship with the common man. That he is amongst us all.

God wants to reveal Himself to all of us. He uses His Word, other people (the shepherds) and the glory of the Earth He created. We should not be afraid, but awe struck....and then we should tell others. I also hadn't noticed that later in the passage it is very emphatic that Jesus was named before being conceived in the womb. Does that mean that every child is "named" by God before conception? I personally believe that. Maybe there would be fewer abortions if we gave the unborn child a name.

Trisha - I've always interpreted that last verse as being a reminder of the fact that Gabriel had told Mary in Luke 1 that her child should be named Jesus. I don't know about being "named" before conception, specifically, but if we're to take Jeremiah 1:5 at face value (which I do), it becomes clear that God knows us and has a plan for us even before conception.

The shepherds, though likely more than a little shocked at what they'd heard and seen, acted it on it in faith. Shepherds were among the low men on the totem pole, so to speak, so Christ is made accessible to even the lowest of the low.

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