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Today's reading: Luke 4:14-30

The people of Nazareth were expecting Jesus to do good things for them. But when Jesus lets them know that He isn't there to "fix" everything, there is an immediate and radical shift in their attitudes, thinking and actions. Verses 28 and 29 are quite revealing. "When they heard these things, all in the synagogue were filled with wrath. And they rose up and drove him out of the town and brought him to the brow of the hill on which their town was built, so that they could throw him down the cliff."

What are your expectations of Jesus? What should we expect based on Jesus' words in this passage? Tami

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This is an interesting passage today because recently I was talking to someone about anger and she told me that in order to deal with anger, love has to be understood and accepted. I think it's the same thing here, the religious leaders didn't get that Jesus is Love and they also didn't like that He cited examples showing where he healed only a few different people. So, what are my expectations of Jesus... ? Well, they are changing. Whereas, I tend to have my own view of Christ and what He "should" do, now I'm thinking, not so much.... who am I that I would tell God or expect God to do what I want. If He is perfect love, then He knows best.

In Isaiah Jesus is saying He is the messiah who heals and sets the Jews free from Roman tyranny,so they think.But when he says the God of the jews heals a gentile soldier leper, but no lepers in Israel and fed a gentile widow, but none in Israel,then they became angry.So today many come to Jesus to be fixed,But Jesus today is healing us(with mercy,forgiveness,peace wth God and hope) from the tyranny of sin ; and will soon free us from our body of corruption and immortality,into eternal living in new heavens and new earth .

It seems like a lot of times we treat Jesus like a genie in a bottle and expect Him to do what we want when we want it. We should expect Him to do what is best for us and to do it in an unusual or unexpected way. It's usually better then anything we can imagine. Sometimes He even makes us wait a while for the answer.

My expectations of Jesus have changed over the years. As a child I knew He protected me, as a teenager He protected me and guided me, as a young wife/mother I expected Him to keep my family safe physically......it wasn't until I was 40 that I realized I did not need to worry about my physical life on Earth but rather my spiritual life for eternity (and also that of those I love). At age 55 I realized that I did not need to worry at all, or ask Jesus for anything. He provides all. He has given me peace and joy. Even in the midst of heartache. He is helping me learn His heart. I trust Him because He is Love. He will never leave or forsake me. As Stacy said 'He knows best'. Do I still ask for blessings? Yes, but I've learned that His blessings come in many different ways -some not always pleasant at the time- but they are always blessings.

In the mix of the anger from the citizens of Nazareth, we often miss the fact that the words Jesus read from Isaiah are still every bit fulfilled in Him. The fact that their expectations were incorrect didn't make the fulfillment any less true, thankfully.

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