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Today's reading: Psalm 60 

God, are you there? Have you turned away from me? Have you ever had a time in your life (or maybe several) when you thought or asked that of the Lord? I have to admit that I have. In Psalm 60:10 we see David asking the Lord "Have you rejected us, O God? Will you no longer march with our armies?"

So how should we proceed when something like this happens? I can think of several different responses, but I'm interested in yours. Tell me what's on your mind. Have a good one! Tami

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I am currently struggling with my current situation, been fired from my job with no serious apparent reasons, been ridiculed, unfairly treated and discriminated at my work. But as I see the perspective of what I've been through, I still cling to God, and as I know He has wonderful plans for me and I will let Him work my pathway, and the result of relying and clinging to HIM despite these adversities, is PEACE and contentment.... and I surely love His words and always cling to it:

Isaiah 26:3–4

3 You will keep in perfect peace

all who trust in you,

all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

4 Trust in the Lord always,

for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.

Whenever I'm "in the mood" to think that way I remember my marriage vows. I fell in love with my wife and there have been times when things didn't go quite as smoothly as a Hollywood love story with a happy ending, so in times like that, even though I don't necessarily feel very loving toward my wife, I made a decision and a commitment to her where I tell myself, "I love my wife no matter what!" I wouldn't doubt that she has had the same sort of feelings at times as well.

I made a commitment to God and regardless of how things progress in my life, I choose not to renege on my decision, my commitment, my love and devotion to God.

I also look back at personal blessings and thank God for them and then take to heart and rest assured in the fact that He not abandoned me. He is still there.

I also look at myself and realize that it isn't God who has moved, rather, it is me. I have stood still or have moved off in another direction, or have become enamoured by something bright and shiny that promised the sun, moon, and stars, but then has been seen for what it is, one of Satan's mirages.

I have to rest in God and His Word. I made a commitment.

I find it important that, in the midst of his trouble, despair, and doubt, David still remembered and called upon God's faithfulness (v. 4, 11-12). He recognized that God's had made promises, and that if he and his nation lived up to the terms of that covenant, God would be faithful to fulfill His end. David didn't let his doubt grow into unbelief, and we must not, either. As strange as it may sound, in the midst of our own seasons of doubt, we can still choose to recall and stand upon God's faithfulness.

It's difficult to wait upon God, especially when He is silent. However, it is best, just like Noah (Genesis 7-8), to silently wait upon the Lord. Continue in obedience and ask Him to open our eyes to still see all that He's doing in, through, & around us. Let us remember He can be nothing less than sovereign God no matter what! He hasn't forgotten or forsaken us. He's simply allowing us to see where our faith is...He knows already. God bless you all! Don't grow weary of doing good, Church!

Thank you to all who have commented here today. Your responses give so much hope to readers such as myself, who don't always tell you how much they mean to us. Thank you--all of you.

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