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Today's reading: Psalm 59 

David was anything but a wall flower. In fact, he was quite the communicator. I never cease to be amazed at how boldly he speaks to God. (see Psalm 59:11-13, for example) No matter what the situation, he seems to tell it like it is and doesn't beat around the bush asking for what he wants. Yet, in the middle of all this candid communication David always recognizes who God is and gives Him reverence and praise. A good example.

David's way of communicating with God is a good indicator for us about his relationship with God. We don't typically speak to someone so freely unless we know them and trust them. So that led me to ask How do I communicate with God? And what does that tell me? Well, sometimes my communication with God is right on. But other times, it's too me focused. So I need to work on that. How about joining me? Ask yourself these questions and then tell me what you come up with. Tami

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Lately I've been striving to talk with God in a more conversational way. I want my communication to be more personal. I too find myself slipping into "God speak." I continue working on this.

As I've grown I the Lord, one odd the things I continue to learn ids that the most important aspect of my communication with him isn't quantity of words our time our trying to fill some pre-conceived quota, but honesty, sincerity, and consistency.

Too often I find myself asking Him for things (need or want) more often than I do praising or admiring him. I love to worship Him in song, but I could do this more. I keep a prayer journal where I write down my prayer requests for me and others, and others prayer requests and I pray for them. When they are answered I date them and highlight them so I can look back and quickly see that God does work miracles and listens to our prayers!!

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