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Today's reading: Overview of Judges 1-11 

Today we're taking a break from our daily reading to look back at what we've learned through the first 11 chapters of Judges. I'd love to hear what has stood out to you, what God has revealed to you, how you've been challenged ... anything really. Take a minute or two to look back through Judges 1-11 and share with all of us what you've come away with. Tami

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God works through our weaknesses better than through our strengths. God has to help us stay humble and totally dependent on Him. Trust God and experience victory in my life.

We should praise and worship God before and after we fight our battles. Learning to worship God before the battle gets His attention, demonstrates our faith, and inspires us to boldly entwer any challenge we face.

What God has asked us to do may be impossible for us, but it is not impossible for Him.

What I learned from Judges 1-1, was how hard-headed were the Israelites. They had peace only while they had a judge,and woshipped Jehovah. Then went back to worship other gods. They were a lost nation, no stability. God gave them many chances, but they turned away time and again.

We need to be ready for God to use us in his plans we should never doubt his power and put total trust in Him. He is a very forgiving no matter how mad He gets with us he always gives us another chance and to praise Him through all times.

God's grace is overwhelmingly evident in what we've read so far! Each time the people of Israel cried out to Him, He was faithful to hear, forgive, and answer! His patience never became exhausted; His grace never reached its limit; and, it never does!

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