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Today's reading: Judges 3:7-11 and Judges 1:11-15 

Today we begin to look at the specific judges (or spiritual leaders) God put in place for Israel. Othniel, Caleb's nephew, is the first judge. This is the second time we read about him, the first being in Judges 1:11-15. What I noticed is that God will use people and circumstances to refocus our attention on Him. That has certainly been my experience a number of times.

How about you? Has that been your experience? I'd love to hear your story. Tami

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My belief is that all our experiences have lessons in them and I certainly am in an experience that I didn't see coming. I am turning to God everyday for direction and because of past history with the person that it involves, I know that I can't get through this time without His help.

My fathers second wife had cancer for a second time in 20 yrs. She loved me like a son. Went with my wife and 3 kids to spend our last Christmas with her. I do not believe I was saved at the time, but I did believe there was a God. I prayed in my own fashion for her, and for her future wherever that might be (hoping heaven). She could not speak due to the cancer in her throat. A hospice worker stopped in to see her and I was in the room. Hospice worker asked if she could pray for her. My heart lept out of my chest, because here was someone that would actually pray with her, I wouldn't have too. My fathers wife shook her head no, she slowly looked around the room until her eyes met mine, and she mouthed the words, "you pray". I climbed on the bed on my knee's and balled and tried to pray the best that I knew how. 4 days later she passed away. Through that experience I started to question myself, my beliefs, my faith and my God. I went back home 500 miles away and started to ask questions of people that I knew had changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, and were Born Again. I would ask questions and they would look in Scripture for the answers and share them through the Bible with me. It was a slow and painful at times process for me to get to the point of understanding my sin, and who I really was. One yr after she died, I was on my way back to FL for a different vacation with my family. My Christian friends had given me a few "strong" sermons on tape, and I listened to them all the way to our destination. By the time we arrived, I knew that I had never given my heart to Christ, and I knelt and prayed to receive Him as my Lord and Savior. He did as He said He would, and breathed life into my dead Spirit, and I was transformed by His Grace and Mercy. I never knew for sure what happened to my step mother. But after the transformation in me, and feeling the Peace that Pass' ALL understanding, I remembered remarking how calm she was, and at peace that she was through the final days of her earthly existence. This was not whom she had been all the time. She was always quick to complain or to let people around her know that she was uncomfortable. Not true on her death bed. So I had this little glimmer of hope, and called my Father to ask him some things that happened around that time. He was not a believer and a bitter ex Christian if you know what I mean. I mentioned to him how much at peace she seemed and he said, I never told you but I found gospel tracts in the bedroom after she died. So that is a big ramble, and I truly hope it makes sense, but I probably have 15 more stories as amazing as this that happened since that time. I give Thanks and Praise to the God who saved me and I believe my step mother. Unfortunately my father passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago, and I was never able to hear or see evidence of his acceptance of a Savior. God's Blessing on those who take the time to read, In Christ, Steve

Often, God will use events--even years after they've taken place--to capture our attention and focus us back on Him. I've seen this be the case with family members of my own, and God had worked wonderfully to bring them back to Himself.

Thanks Steve! Your testimony is wonderful. I am always amazed at God's love for us and how powerful He is to work through circumstances to bring us close to Him.

Steve, thank you for your story. It is a blessing to me, and just confirms to me that people can turn to God without our knowing, and that we never need to give up hope! God works his wonders in marvelous ways!

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