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Today's reading: Colossians 1:15-23 

Paul presents one subject for us in Colossians 1:15-23, Jesus Christ. It's a wonderful depiction, and I like how Paul gives us information about Christ with regard to creation and then salvation.

What did verses 15-17 show you about Christ and creation? What did verses 18-23 reveal about Christ and salvation? Based on this passage, how would you describe Christ to someone else? Tami

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understanding that Jesus was with God when He created the world is an amazing revelation of the Deity of Christ with God. The Gospel of John starts out "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word is God"!!! That Word is Jesus Christ!

God's judgement for sin was death. No other way for US to overcome it........except when His Son Jesus offered/obeyed to take our place and be the blameless, sinless sacrifice. That was the only way we could be atoned for our sins, and be offered the free GIFT of eternal life. I hope and pray that someone that reads this today with accept that GIFT that Jesus has given for the world!

Jesus holds the power of all that is good in our lives. He should always be our first priority because He holds everything together.

Jesus should lead us and influence us in our relationships, finances, and thoughts.

Seeking the kingdom means finding out how God wants things done. How we treat others, how to act in situations and circumstances, finding out what He wants us to do with our money, what kind of an attitude we should have, even what kind of entertainment Jesus approves of.

The authority of Christ and his supremity in Creation as being the center of all that was created is shown in the first couple of verses. Christ is Salvation and that is revealed as we continue through the rest of the reading. God's pleasure is himself revealed in Christ. It is our focused intimate pursuit of Christ that and the faith we have in what he did for us that is our holyness, and therefore our salvation. Its Amazing. that we are able to be this close to the central authority of all creation.

Jesus Christ is an exact replica of God himself and that God made his sacrifice through salvation so we could have a personal relationship with Him. We need to have a constant drive to remain in Him with faith to stay away from our evil desires. As far as a description He is the son of God and he died for all our sins on the cross so each could have the relationship he talks about.

I love the description of Jesus as "the visible image of the invisible God." Every attribute of God's holiness is physically embodied in the incarnate Jesus Christ. Because of that, He is qualified and able to deliver us from sin through His sacrifice!

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