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1 Corinthians 16

As Paul's concludes to his letter to the Corinthians, he leaves a reminder (a challenge, really) to support fellow brothers and sisters doing the Lord's work--both financially and through other actions. But the main emphasis here is on financial support. And since this is a big deal to Paul, and it should be important to us as well.

So how are you doing at offering support for the Lord's work in the church or around the world? Do you view your financial giving as an act of worship? Tami

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Am am greatfull to God for inspiring Paul to write these letters as they are real in our everyday lives. I try very hard to support the Lord's work with the funds which He has blessed me with. The first thing that I do every month is take my tithes out and give it to the Lord's work. I make an extra effort to contribute to the needs of others as best as possible in these hard financial times but to thing of it am blessed enough to share with others.

I didn't see giving as an act of worship untill I stopped and think on giving others hings they are in need of. In that instant I realize that am worshiping God for allowing me to be used in such away that I could help others to worship him through giving. Wish I had looked at it this way before, it's just amazing.

I can honestly say wholeheartedly, and without hesitation, that I need to give more. Sadly, at this point, I dont think if someone saw my account ledger that they would see that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I think viewing my giving as an act of worship, and not just a tip for God's work, is paramount in changing.

Giving is certainly an act of worship. What we do for the least of the brothers and sisters, we're doing for Christ.

Beyond that, though, giving to the work of the Kingdom is a blessing! There's joy in giving that's all its own. What's more, we can't possibly out-give God, and He blesses us as we give cheerfully of ourselves.

Being able to give is a blessing. And my husband and I have found that we cannot out-give God. We increased our tithe (thinking 'we' were doing a good thing)- when the end of the year came we realized that what we thought was 15 % was only 9%. But, I'm not sure Paul is talking just about tithing. I need to make an extra effort to give to others in need both with money and with my time and talents.

I too think giving is an act of worship and the act of giving is a blessing,i would like to give more and do more to help others.I think God wants us to give without hessistation , if that's only 2% I feel that is what God wants from us. Praise God

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