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Psalm 128

Two times in Psalm 128 we see that "fearing" the Lord is a good thing. "Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways!" (vs.1). "Thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord" (vs. 4). So it's important for us to understand what "fearing" the Lord means. The most common definition or understanding is to be afraid, alarmed or concerned about danger. In my mind, that doesn't fit or really make sense here. What does make sense for me is fear meaning reverence, awe and respect.

So what does "fearing" the Lord mean to you? How do you demonstrate this to the Lord? What about to those around you? Tami

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Fearing the Lord means knowing that He can do all things and loving and respecting him always.

I try to demonstrate this to the Lord by loving others, being kind to everyone and by worshiping the Lord.

I try to set an example for others to see that they should also fear the Lord.


I think that the definition of fear for many people is 'to be afraid, alarmed, or concerned about danger'. That can be a real stumbling block for non-Chrisitans and new Christians in devloping a relationship with Christ. I had wonderful parents whom I 'feared'. They set a great example of what fearing the Lord is. Reverence, Awe, respect, and also understanding that there would be just consequences for my disobedience. Not because they didn't love me, but because they did love me. God is Love first and foremost. But He is also righteous and just.

The best way I know of to properly demonstrate our fear of the Lord is to humbly submit to Him and walk in His ways devotedly. This also serves to put this on display for others.

To fear GOD is to observe and do his will always, and when you have this kind of commitment to GOD, his ways will be manifest through you to those around you.

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