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Psalm 120

Sometimes our circumstances are just plain...yuck (you fill in your own details). No, we don't like it at all, but those times are just part of life. That's what I see as I read Psalm 120. The writer finds himself living with and surrounded by ungodly people and apparently, he's unable to leave. So he does what he can. He cries out to God and relies on Him for strength and comfort to cope with this difficult situation.

So what does Psalm 120 show you about dealing with times of trouble and difficulties? How will you draw on these verses? Tami

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I am in a difficult place not necessarily because of evil people but because of economic reasons. I like the Psalmist am crying out to God. I need to be always near to God because if I am far I will disobey his commands.I pray, "Let me hide your words in my heart that I may not sin against you O Lord."

Difficult times is the time when we should draw close to GOD because these times are his speciality we should not let our circumstances put us in the place where we think that we must carry our cross alone GOD wants to help us all we have to do is cry to him and he will help us

The Psalms are so comforting. Psalm 120 shows me that our ever loving Father is ALWAYS here to listen and to hear our cries. There are so many circumstances that can affect us, make us fearful and overwhelmed. Knowing that God stated we were not made to be fearful, we can go to Him and cry out loud any time, any day, and ask for protection, mercy, guidance and help! Sometimes it feels great to walk or just sit, and cry literally OUT LOUD and tell the good Lord what the problem is, which person(s) are involved, what the circumstances are, for yourself, or anyone else that may need God's help. How amazing is that?
The PLUMB LINE directly to our Lord is there 24/7. I personally do not know of anyone else on this planet who is--how could they be? We are just humans striving to do our best, work, support our families mentally and spiritually, and be there as often as we are able to do so. God is ALWAYS AVAILABLE!!!!! I feel so blessed, and when things go awry, I must remember what I should always try my best to do--CONNECT with my Lord. We try to do that with family members--show them that we can't do it all alone, because if we do, we will feel depressed and discouraged. Take it to the Lord in prayer.

It's comforting to know that when we call out to God, He always hears and is ready with the answer that is for His glory and our greatest good.

I have come to realize that God can be sought/be seen/be revealed in any and every situation we can/will ever be faced with. I really believe that ALL things are meant for His glory and His Honour to be manifested in our lives, our circumstances, our relationships, our homes, our environment, our land, our world, if we could only just get to 'that' place where God is at the very centre of our existence, our 'world' and have complete control of all that concerns us. I do believe that even in the most trying of situations, even in the most dire circumstances God wants us His children to be so dependent on Him, to trust Him so implicitly that we look steadfastly to Him for our salvation, and have our eyes steadfastly fixed on Him and our hearts filled with the firmest resolve that indeed we are loved of God, indeed we are His beloved and indeed He is very much mindful of where we are and what we are going through and He will indeed come through for us in His perfect time and save us, all to His Honour and to His glory, that all may come to know Him as the LORD and the Lord and the master of their lives.

Thanks Bree. I know that you have captured the very essence of what is true and what we need to choose to be our reality. I think this can only be ours though if we continually ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit and thus enabled us to do what we can't do alone.

Tami I believe that as we encounter in our walk with God. We really need to stay connected to the True vine, because as we are connected to Him and His Word, we shall ask of any thing and it will be done for us!(john 15:7)
let us stay connected to be saved lying lips and from deceitful tongues.

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