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2 Samuel 15:1-37

Today we get a look at a pretty sad chapter in David's life. David's son, Absalom, has set into action a conspiracy to take the throne away from David. So David is forced to leave Jerusalem...literally running for his life. Talk about devastating. This had to be about rock bottom for David. But here's what I noticed, David didn't allow his circumstances, as awful as they were, to take him out of the game spiritually.

So what did David show you about staying in the game spiritually in and through hard situations? Was there something in particular that David did, or didn't do, that you found helpful? Tami

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It was really a difficult moment for David, a time a king has to run from his own son, a time when what he love is seeking to dethrone him and possibly take his life. However King David stayed in the game by doing the following.
1. He run for his life. I think in the face of Danger we should look for a way of escape in other words we should run for our life. When there is no escape then The Lord himself will make a way for us to escape. He will came and save us divinely. We tempt God when we can run out of danger or trouble but refuse, believing that God would save and protect us.

2. Another thing David did was that he prayed.
“O Lord, please turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness.”

3. Also David love His son but hated the actions of his son. And therefor did not want his son to be killed.
We should always love our enemies.

Another aspect is that David took responsibility and action himself, having sought the Lord in prayer first. We have to be willing to put feet to our prayers when it's needed.

Hi, Tami,
Good to hear from you again. Very encouraging piece.David very well faced or tackled that awful situation. Thanks for sharing.

best regards

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