Rescued by a Big Fish

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Jonah 1:17

The most well-known fact about Jonah's life is surely his run-in with the big fish that swallowed him up. And while at first glance it may seem that the fish was a player in Jonah's punishment--which may be true--the fish also rescued Jonah and kept him alive.

Even though Jonah was stubborn, God showed great patience and extended grace to him (by providing refuge in a fish) even when he didn't deserve it. God had great plans for Jonah and He has great plans for us as well. Our job is to respond with obedience and a willing heart.

Have you experienced a wake up call from God that changed your course? Has God ever extended grace to you even when you were running away? It'd be an encouragement to all of us to hear how you've seen God pursue you. Tami

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I used to tell this story (paraphrased by Paula) to my kids (both boys) when they were little. And they would laugh when I would say that God caused that whale to come up with a big burp to get Jonah back on land where he belonged and headed in the right direction - toward Ninevah. I hope and pray as God takes me through some debilitating health issues that I will discern God's directions to me and I wont need to go thru what Jonah had to go through! Lets pray we can all see and hear and feel Gods directions for us and follow them.
We might be going through some terrible things but not much could be worse in my mind than floating in that stench - the smell, the darkness, the lack of human feel touch or conversation.

My sophomore year of college, I found myself in the reality of running from God and perhaps not even realizing it fully sometimes. I was in a relationship that I never should have been in, and, try as I might, it only drug me down and further away from who I should have been. I ended up increasingly ostracized from family and friends, not involved in the church and and really kind of half-stepping it with God--looking the part, but not really living it. The fact is that I was blinded by the relationship I was in, and was willing to do whatever it took to preserve what wasn't anything a healthy relationship should have been.

The wake-up call came one night close to the end of the school year. Something she said revealed to me that the relationship I had thrown myself into above all else was, in reality, a lie. All at once, I was left with what seemed to be nothing, having damaged friendships and, I thought, relationships with family. Thankfully, the Lord is merciful and forgiving, and He had position #1 again. Good, Christian people (family and others) extended love and encouragement to me that helped get me back on the right track.

Looking back, God never stopped pursuing me, and eventually, I heard and responded as I needed to. That's certainly not to say that it's been smooth sailing ever since, or that all that transpired didn't have lasting consequences, but I can say now that I'm living faithfully for the Lord, growing in Him, constantly learning from Him, serving Him faithfully, and blessed by Him daily.

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