Out of Whack

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Jonah 1:4-17

When we're on the run from God, when we're out of His will, not only will there be consequences, but our thinking and actions get out of whack. A look at Jonah on the boat in the storm provides evidence of this. The storm is raging. The other men on the ship are afraid and scrambling to keep the boat afloat and themselves alive. So what is Jonah doing--sleeping! Considering the circumstances, kind of crazy, don't you think?

So what does this passage reveal about the importance of staying in tune, and on track, with God? Tami

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Good Morning while I was reading this devotion the first thing that came to my mind which is similar and that was when Jesus was sleep in the ship and the storm was raging. His disciples was afraid and woke HIm up because they were fearfully and thought they were going to die, the only difference was nobody was put off the ship but Jesus rebuked the wind and told it to peace be still. This is what I got out of it. Have a blessed day.

From this passage i get how easy it is to get away from God or not listen and run from Him like Jonah did.I know God wants us to follow his will but when we dont we still have consequences we must face from our decision making when were not thinking like Him..

True, Jonah could have saved himself a great deal of trouble by doing God's will to begin with. Thankfully, God was gracious to Him. He very well could have allowed him to drown in the stormy sea, as the other sailors were certain would happen. Instead, he calms the storm, and sends a fish to swallow him and keep him from drowning. When we're running from Him, God's mercy is constantly at work, giving us opportunity to turn back to Him.

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