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Psalm 1

God's Word has to be front and center in my life--that's the message that came across loudly to me from Psalm 1. We see it plainly in verses 1 and 2. And then, to drive the point home further, the psalmist give us the wonderful tree example in verse 3 confirming that when our focus is on God and we're living out His Word, we can stand strong and flourish in and through all we encounter. What a comfort and encouragement.

Based on Psalm 1, how important do you think it is for us to be engaging (receiving, reflecting on and responding to) God's Word? How would you described "delighting" in the law of the Lord? Tami

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I feel God wants nothing more than to give us blessings in our daily lives.He wants to be in tune with our lives to me delighting is to have Him involved in all we do and He will bless us and give us a peace in our lives.

To be engaging in God's Word keeps me grounded and gives me strength to face the battles I will face. To me, "delighting" in the law of the Lord means to obey Him, to do what pleases Him, which is spending time with Him in the Word.

Brian commented yesterday that the Bible is applicable at any time in our life. When we re-read the Bible we gain further knowledge and power because we have grown or are experiencing something we had no knowledge of before. The Bible is the Living Word-it doesn't change but it changes us. For me 'delighting' in the law of God would mean discovering a new (to me) nugget of truth and wisdom.

Delight! "His delight is in the law (word) of the Lord and in His law does he meditate day and night.To delight in God's law is to love God's word in such a way that it's always on your mind, (meditate on it at all times - day and night). To walk in His will and His way, not in any other will or way for no reason at all.

The stability that comes from being engaged in God's Word is absolutely vital to us as believers.

To delight in the Word means, among other things that have already been mentioned, that we receive God's joy as we're obedient to God's Word.

By the way, Tami, are the in-depth Bible Minute studies not being updated anymore? I noticed that the link changed a bit on the page, and there hasn't been an updated study since Friday.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your question about The Bible Minute studies. Since welcoming Dr. John Munro as Back to the Bible's new Bible teacher, we've also made a few changes to some of our resources.

Going forward, we will no longer be offering studies to accompany the daily Bible Minute audio. However, the good news is that we're producing brand new 1-minute audio features (with teaching from John Munro) which are available alongside a transcript at We hope to offer the transcripts in email format in the near future! We hope you enjoy the new content!

P4 team member

Just a note of thanks for the so-called right time I guess. But your guest at 3am was what I needed to hear about bible study. Your guest just hit me at the right time for doing bible study. Its been rough but that was great medicine.
Thank You

Makes sense. I have to admit, though, that I'll really hate to see the accompanying studies go, as they're an excellent resource.

Brian, we're sorry to see the studies go as well! Just as a reminder, you can still search our collection of Bible Minute studies at which you may find helpful. Currently, most of our writing resources are being put toward goTandem, so that's part of the reason for the change.

Thanks for your feedback. And thanks for contributing to the discussion on the P4 blog!

P4 team member

Delighting in GODS law to me is to take extreme pleasure in doing his will all the time . The word of GOD is what we get hope from so we have to let them be our guide everytime.

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