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Psalm 111

One thing is clear from Psalm 111--the Lord is to be praised. This is such a great psalm because that message of praise is the first thing we read. And then, just in case we missed it, the rest of the chapter pretty much lays out reason after reason why we should be thankful and praising.

Now I use the ESV for P4 and verse 2 says "Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them." But I also read the NLT today which talked about pondering the works of the Lord. It made me realize that although I study the works of the Lord in the Bible, I don't necessarily do a lot of studying or pondering of the great things the Lord has done in my life. So I took some time and I pondered, I thanked and I praised.

So take a few minutes today and think about (ponder) some the great things the Lord has done for you (And they don't have to be big, life-changing events) and send up some praise to the Lord. Then, would you tell us about one or two of the great things you praised the Lord for? Tami

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I've been blessed with wonderful friends, and with plenty of opportunities to lend them support or a helping hand. The ability to be a blessing for someone else is a blessing for us, too, and certainly a good reason to praise God!

Praising God for all things, at all times is a habit we should strive for. We praise Him for the big things in life, but I believe praising Him for the small, insignificant (to us) things is what truly brings us into closer fellowship. Praising Him for a childs smile, a spouses voice,a phone call from a friend, a humming bird feeding on my (Gods) flowers, the beauty in the change of seasons, the quiet of evening and the awesome display of moon and stars in the heavens, and I could go on and on. When we see Gods hand in every minute of our day and give thanks- that is true praise. He gives us wonderful gifts throughout each day. He is blessing us with His presence and gifting us with many presents that we do not see if we only look for the big things.

I praise God for His willingness to be so meticulous in blessing us--and for loving us in the way that delights to be personal in the details. In the early 1990s, I was living an "art adventure," trying to get work in magazine illustration. One February night, after a women's seminar in which others told of sweet, romantic things their men had done for them on Valentine's Day, I drove home with a new realization that I didn't have a wonderful Valentine's story. I said to Jesus, "Well, YOU are my husband. If anyone can do something loving and sweet and romantic for me, it has to be You." Then I forgot about it.

The next day, the phone rang--Gary Back to the Bible. Would I do an illustration for "Confident Living" magazine? Would I? I'm glad Gary couldn't see the unprofessional way I whooped and hollered and praised God and thanked Jesus and implored the Spirit to guide me through the work after Gary was no longer on the phone!

For the remaining months the magazine was published, Gary gave me work that has continued to be the great joy of my short career in illustration. I've always thanked God for nudging him to do that.

What an amazing God, who can be that meticulously loving to every one of those who are His! I thank Him. I praise Him. Falling in love with Jesus truly is the best thing I've ever done.

His "Grace & Mercy"!

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