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steering wheel

Mark 8:34-38

You don't have to be around me too long to realize that I'm a total in control, take charge kind of person. Here's an example. Whenever I travel or when my husband and I drive anywhere, guess who's behind the steering wheel? You guessed it--me. So Jesus' words in Mark 8:34-38 spoke loudly to me because Jesus is telling the crowd and his disciples (plus you and me) that if we truly want to follow Him, we have to put Him in the driver's seat every day. That means saying no to self (our ideas, our desires, our being in control) and saying yes (submitting and being obedient) to Christ.

So what does it mean for Christ to be in the driver's seat? For those times when you realize that you've taken over the driver's seat, what do you do to correct the problem? Tami

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The more we "deny self" [our wants, our thinking, etc] and allow the Lord to guide, direct, and use us, ...that's when He is in the drivers seat!

But this side of Heaven & with our human weaknesses, I guess it's easy for us to take-over and start "driving". Submission and Surrender of our will to His is the key issue!

To me it means to deny ourselves and let christ direct our lives.I seem to do better at that when things are going well but it seems when things go bad is when i want to grab the wheel myself.

We have to let Him have control over every part of our lives, submitting ourselves, present and future, to His will and desire for us. When we find that we're the ones driving, we've got to take the opportunity to pull over move to the passenger side, going to Him and re-establishing our desire to let Him have the right-of-way in our lives.

If God is your co-pilot, switch seats.

I understand where you are coming from Tami about taking control. My husband was controling but I didn't even know that till I became a widow and began trying to figure out my life. I was following the commands in the new testament about the husband being the head of the home BUT I had nothing of myself. Freedom to develop who I am. It is not a good thing to be controling. Have mercy on your husband. Let him be who he is too. I say that with Christian love. It is so much better marriage when both can be themselves and develop in the way God wants us to. Now with me alone Its hard for me to Recognize when I am controlling things and not letting God take care of me because I have had to make so many decisions about taking care of myself without another person's help and it has been really stressful at times. Oh how I wish I had someone to share with. I want God to be in control of my life but I am still learning how to let HIm.

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