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Numbers 12:1-15

So far this week we've been considering praying for difficult people and looking to Moses as our example. Up to this point, Moses has been talking with God and interceding for the Israelites as group. But today, his prayer is for just one difficult person--his sister, Miriam. Now, dealing with family members can be complicated. Emotions run a little higher and we tend to be extra critical with those we know best. Next thing you know words get said rashly and...off we go down a bad path. But we don't see any of this with Moses. He handles this not so good situation with his sister wonderfully.

So what did Moses' response to Miriam's leprosy reveal to you about his heart? What did you learn from Moses about responding to, and praying for, difficult family members? Tami

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I like how he immediately went to the Lord in prayer. Sadly, many today look at prayer "as the last resort", when it should be the first thing we do!

Despite the fact that they had an apparent problem with Moses' choice of a wife, Moses still loved his siblings deeply, remained humble, and sought their good, rather than vengeance.

Ironically, it sometimes seems harder to be merciful to our own family than to others. But, what we see in Moses' example is that, in spite of some differences, he's deeply committed to his family, and we're called to nothing less.

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