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James 1:5-8

I love it when I open God's Word and what I read gives me straight forward, simple to understand instruction. So as I jumped into James this morning, I smiled because James gets right to the point, telling us that if we lack wisdom (and honestly, who doesn't?) we need to ask God who is generous in providing it. Thank you, God!

So, I totally understand what James is saying, yet there are still times I don't do this, and I'm guessing I'm not alone on this one. So what's going on when we don't ask God for His wisdom? Is it forgetfulness, a busyness issue, pride, control, what? Try and recall a specific past situation and do a little assessing. What do you need God's wisdom for today? Tami

P.S. Today on Back to the Bible we launch a two-week series on the Book of James. It's packed full of the practical, how-to-live-life kind of wisdom, so I encourage you to take a listen if you can.

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Speaking from my own experience (as I'm still in the process of "becoming") I think we sometimes don't ask God for His wisdom because if we have properly considered what the result may be (as Jesus said -"to count the cost") we are afraid we will be challenged to do something we may not want to do. At the very least, we don't want to be asked to step out of our comfort zone, to take that step of faith. We have not yet realized we don't have to live with "a spirit of fear."

In general, I can say that on the times I don't really seek God's wisdom and perspective, I usually get stressed out (occasionally panic!). But when I slow down and seek His wisdom, then things don't seem so overwhelming, and I usually see the steps I must take in an orderly way to complete the task at hand.

I think for me its abusyness or forgetfullness issue but i also realize if i take time to ask God for wisdom and guidance things seem to roll smoother. I am trying to reprogram to look to him first instead os trying myself.

Today, I need God's wisdom to help me remain calm about the various situations in my life. Whether it is family or health related, I speak out loud, and pray for His guidance and wisdom. I know I can't do this alone. I know God has a purpose for my life, a plan, and I know this because He has shown me my path! I prayed about it for years, and I have received my answer.
Two days ago, I was teary eyed thinking about how much I miss my Mom.I spoke with the Lord, and then thanked him for the time He gave my Mom to be with me on this earth! It was His wisdom that filled my mind and put everything into perspective. I felt huge gratitude.
Whenever I get feeling down, I stop and pray, and ask for help. It does take a conscientious effort, and we do forget because we are human! If we keep going back to speak with the Lord, our burdens are lifted! He wants us to function in a healthy way and not be depressed! That's the job of the devil--he's happy when we are feeling sad and weak. We have been given the gift to fight and win over these feelings! Let's use this relationship with Jesus! "Come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest." How comforting is this? Wow~!

I think that those times we don't seek God's Wisdom in situations are often when we rush headlong into them in our panic.

God grants us more and more wisdom continually as we walk with Him and draw closer to Him. Yet, it's a cinch that, in this life, we're going to encounter situations that are beyond our level of wisdom. It's then that we're to make it a point to seek more of His wisdom to help us. If we get panicked, though, in the face of the issue, we may be apt to just go right ahead in our haste to resolve something quickly.

In my own life, I need God's wisdom in leading the people He's called me to minister to and in the ongoing situation of seeking His will for things in my personal life. Thankfully, as the passage says, He gives wisdom generously!

I know that there are many times I need wisdom but I forget to ask for it. I think I get burdened down with the problems.

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