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Psalm 26

David's greatest desire is to please God. And that's what we see in Psalm 26. I love how David opens and closes by telling God that he will walk in integrity. He gives us a look at his lifestyle ... the things he does and does not do.

What does walking in integrity mean and look like for you? How would you describe your spiritual walk? Tami

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I love the fact that in verse 11, while stating that he leads a blameless life, he also asks for God's mercy, recognizing that "blameless" and "faultless" are two totally different prospects, and that he can't possibly claim the latter.

I would describe my spiritual walk as just that--a walk, a journey, accompanied by the Holy Spirit, drawing closer to Jesus with each step along the way. His grace enables me to walk, commune, and grow in Him, cleansing and molding me.

Walking in integrity to me means ensuring that I display Christ like characteristics in everything I do, not just at church or with Christian friends but in every place I go. When I pray with my children at night I always include "...that everything I say, everything I do, and how I treat other people will please and honor you God..." I want them to understand that all of these things display our true relationship with God, not just the answers they repeat on Sunday when asked.

As for my own spiritual walk, I am a work in progress. I feel I am true to my relationship with God everywhere I go and with everyone, I don't think I display two different personalities, but there is always room for improvement.

The Psalmist sums up things with vs 8 "O Lord, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells" In other words, the Psalmist lived his life with the Lord at the center!

For me, and for us - God has to direct & fill our lives. Everyday we walk with Him!

I think walking in integrity is to have a pure heart and to seek after God and to fill our lives with all things for God.as for me my walk has a lot of stumbles in it and i try to focus on God and to continue my walk toward Him.

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