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Mark 12:41-44

We only have 4 verses to read and consider today, but those 4 short verses reveal much to us about giving--from both sides of the coin (no pun intended)--God's and ours. I could just visualize this woman and her sweet spirit and heart for the Lord. And her actions got me thinking about how easy it is to fall into a pattern of giving and kind of stop thinking about the why or how or reason for what we're doing.

Funny thing, but giving has been on my heart for the last few weeks and just two nights ago, my husband and I actually talked about our giving and making some changes. So I smiled a little when I read Mark 12:41-44 and then thought we could do some personal assessing together. Hope you're up for it? Here goes:

How are we doing when it comes to giving back to the Lord? (Now our passage dealt with money, but giving back also includes our time and efforts. So let's consider those areas as well.) Moving forward, what could each of us do to get us closer to the example of this widow? Tami

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This widow gave all that she had and therefore gave her best to Christ. I find myself using the time I have left over at the end of the week to prepare for my Sunday school lessons. Too many times I say to myself, "if I have time to call so and so or visit a church member then I will." This is not giving my best, but my least. If Christ has laid upon my heart to serve in an area then I should drop everything else and do so. The scripture and my response I read on Tuesday comes back to me saying how little faith I have that my Christ will not give me what I need. I know He will, I just have to trust and do it.

The window is a great example for us! The Lord isn't really concerned of the value of our gift but, the attitude of our heart is what matters.

Tami, a few yrs ago I had a heart to give my home up after
living in it for 20yrs.rasing my two children who are now grown,
to "go" and serve Him where ever he wanted me to.

After some hard trials for discipline of some disobedients and
learning more about His Ways and His purposes..He now has me
wittnessing to homeless women in a very unusual way... these
ladies are coming from a hard background and life...and I tell
them about how Jesus is the answer to their heart.
God has also kept me debt free for 14 yrs. (Mark 10:28-30)
also i feel too that it's because I took Him up on this "widow"
verse and tithed when I couldn't afford to..but found out after
doing it for a while and saw what was happening a person can't afford not to tithe. But, also,even though i don't have any debt
and I'm not on welfare because I depend on His power to take care of me in other ways, He has shown me that He is wanting us (His People) to depend on Him and not out finances.
So, that is how I am following the widows example...at least i feel i am.

I to feel the widow is a great example of giving its a place where im trying to get to. I know I struggle og giving of myself and also tithing to what is Gods and I am working on getting their, and I know the Lord wants a joyous giver not one who is half hearted.

The very greatest thing we can give to God is our very selves, allowing Him to have complete control of our lives--all that we are and will be. When we're allowing Him this level of control, two things happen: 1) He guides us into knowing exactly what and how we are to give of ourselves, and 2) doing so becomes a blessing, rather than a chore.

This passage of scripture lead me to pray to God, not to get or be "prideful" in my giving. He has taught me over the years to trust Him in my giving, but I must do so out of humility. Because it all comes from and belongs to Him anyway; my tithe, time, & talents. #Hisgraceandmercy.

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