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1 Samuel 1:21-28

Hello everyone! My name is Meredith, and I typically I work behind the scenes on the P4 blog (where I love reading all your comments!). But today I'm filling in as a guest blogger for Tami and am excited to share a few thoughts with you on 1 Samuel. So, on to today's scripture.

Stepping out in faith can be scary, nerve-wracking, thrilling, satisfying...(fill in your most-common emotion). And that's exactly what we see in the last part of chapter one.

In verse 11, Hannah vowed to God that if He gave her a son she would "give him to the LORD." That's a bold promise...especially given how long Hannah waited for her beloved baby boy!

I don't know about you, but I was struck by the maturity of Hannah. Her desire was for her son to "appear in the presence of the LORD and dwell there forever" (v. 22). And in an amazing act of faith, Hannah carried out her vow--entrusting Samuel (the son she prayed for vigilantly!) to the care of Eli the priest. Wow. It made me think, Am I willing to hold on loosely to the people, things, resources God brings into my life?

When you receive an outpouring of God's blessing, do you hold on tightly for your own enjoyment, or do you ask God how He might want you to give up or sacrifice those blessings to further His work, meet a need, etc?

Take a minute and do a personal inventory with me. What are some things God has entrusted to you (money, resources, skills, time, etc)? How are you giving those blessings back to God and using them in a sacrificial way? (I'll share some of mine in the comments section today.) Remember, your sacrifice can be an act of worship -- a way to thank God for all He's given you. --Meredith

P.S. Hope you're able to catch the Back to the Bible programs this week featuring guest speaker Wil Graham. He has lots more to say on today's topic, so I encourage you to listen.

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Too many times I pray for blessings to make my life happier or easier. I seek what will benefit me not Christ. Thank you Meredith for pointing this out in today's reading. Instead of worrying what I will gain I need to change my perspective and seek what will glorify my Savior.

Meredith, you wrote, "Stepping out in faith can be scary, nerve-wracking, thrilling, satisfying..." I think it's all of these emotions combined - I liken it to a "flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" experience!

As Hannah learned (and we need to learn too) living a life of faith and sacrifice is the way we should go.

I mentioned I would list a few things God has entrusted me with and the ways I'm attempting to give them back to God to be used for His glory. So here we go.

Graphic design skills (I'm not a pro, but I know enough to be useful): One example of a time I chose to give this skill back to God is when I designed a logo, business cards, menus and order forms for a single mom at my church who was starting up a baking business. She would have never been able to hire someone to do the work, and it was pure JOY to offer my skills (and time) to get her going.

Money: My husband and I choose to live below our means so we have more to give away to missions, to meet the needs of others, to encourage someone anonymously. God has richly provided for us, so we find great satisfaction in giving back to Him.

Time: Over the years, God has been intentional about providing opportunities for me to gain wisdom, grow spiritually and build a strong foundation of faith. To honor Him for this, I give up some of my time each week to build into the lives of middle school students at my church. And yes, there are days I'd rather stay home and do my own thing, but the sacrifice is well worth it and has enriched my life beyond words.

Okay, those are a few of mine. Let's hear yours!


Using our blessings sacrificially begins with having the proper perspective and mentality on life. If we're to follow the example laid out for us in Scripture, we see that living for Christ comes first, and that our freedom ends at the tip of the other person's nose. We're to be thinking not only in our own interest, but also in the interest of others.

With that thought ingrained as the rule of our life, we'll find that the blessings we have are powerful tools in the Master's hands, and that any he would take away from us would only be to give us something that will be even more effective for His kingdom.

Great thoughts for today. I am a contractor with the Federal Government. I'm fortunate that my job will continue and continue full time. I want to encourage those around me. Some of the federal employees are quite upset about it all. I'm praying that I can say some encouraging words to the right people at the right time.

Its very encourage to read about the faith hannah has , it also makes me look and see that I need to do more with what the Lord has blessed me with. To much of my time is doing what i desire and not what God wants for my life . I feel I need to put God first inall things not just the things that are easy.

Blessings are many times taken for granted. I am reading a book in which the author is counting her blessings (gifts) each day for an entire year. It has made me stop and realize the gifts we are given minute by minute. I trust God with my life and the lives of those I love. When problems arise I look forward to seeing how God will bless me and others through this problem. He never fails. Placing my children and grandchildren in His hands was one of the most difficult things to do and the most freeing. I pray daily that they will be brought closer to Him by whatever means He chooses. If I hold on tightly to them, to make them mine alone, then they will never have a relationship with Christ, their Savior.

I am a newbie to P4 and Back to the Bible. I love this site and P4. As I read the story of Hannah, and her longing for a child of her own. Then how her husband would give her double portions of food... my thoughts were, he feels sorry for her so give her a bit more. I really didn't like that attitude. Her soul was to be a complete woman and to please God. Giving up her child even before she was pregnant was a huge inspiration to me. I ask myself, self would you be able to do this? Would I be able to let go of something I so longed for, for so long? I don't know. But I do know, that through this story and the commments I've read here that I need to let go of more, doing it for the right reasons. I too want to please God with my life. We had a great talk this morning over coffee. Thank you for being open and real.

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