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Psalm 103

It's all about praise for David in Psalm 103. He starts this Psalm with a declaration that he is going to praise the Lord with his all--his heart, mind, soul, body, you name it. I LOVE that picture. So how does David go about this? Well, he turns his focus to God and describes, verse after verse, what he knows of God's character, His goodness, His love.

So how about joining David in praising God by remembering what He's done for you, or as David puts it, "forget not all his benefits." Take a few minutes and think about the things God has done for you--big and small. Then post a couple on the blog along with me. Let's tell people how good God is today! Tami

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God has protected my family MANY times. He has put his shield and armor around my vehicle when driving and provented several "should-of-been-hit" incidents, protected my dad from a couple of "should-of-been-dead" illnesses and crashes, and he always has my best interest in mind. He gives because he loves me and he takes away to draw me back to him when I need him most. I have a little book I call my God Miracles book that I track down EVERYTHING that I consider a God Miracle- from getting the perfect job I applied for right down to something as tiny as finding a state quarter I needed for my collection :)

God is GREAT! And worthy of ALL our praise!!!

He cured me of inoperatable cancer, saved my soul and have given me the best ten years of my life serving Him. He has indeed "made up for the years that the locusts have eaten".

God has been so good to me. I had to quit my job in January. I've been doing leather working for a while now and wanting to start a business. God has been giving me steady work in that area since I've been home! He knows the desires of our hearts! Thank you God.

In verse 3-5 David lists the 6 things that the Lord did for him (forgives, heals, redeems, crowns, satisfies, renews)

I came to know the Lord through a car accident in 1974. My testimony is a rather a long one to post here, but in short, the Lord used "the accident" (there really are no accidents with God) in my life to bring me to Himself.

If any would like to read my complete story "Happy in a Wheelchair!", my testimony can be found here;

This week has been a tough week. My nephew was murdered three years ago and the trial started on Monday. First, you think how will I make it through. Everyday I leave the courtroom weak. And my Father gives me sufficient grace. That's why I can still praise him. He has given me and my family grace and strength. And he's working all things together for our good. I love him because he first loves me. I don't know what the verdict will be. But I know his grace is sufficent!!

Just wanted to tell those who've posted comments so far today "thank you" for the encouragement. I said a short prayer for each of you just now. Tami Weissert

God has alwlays been their for me hhes given me peace through all the struggles ive had with my marriage . Hes blessed me with two wonderful kids with good health always protected and cared for us and I know He will be their always. Praise God!!!!

I'm very grateful to have a job. Two other contractors here have been laid off. I'm glad God always provides for me and all of us. I'm praising him for what He will do in the future as well.

God has been unbelievably good to me.

My dad & I feel like we've got a bit of a sense of how Job must have felt at the end of his story as told in the Old Testament. An automobile accident nearly took our entire family away--my mother and sister were killed, my brother miraculously survived.

Thankfully, less than a year later, He brought a wonderful lady into our lives who's now his wife and my mom. They've had two more children, and now Dad & I look and marvel at how God gave back even more than what we'd lost, and how life is beyond anything we could have dreamed it would be.

before I was released from prison I ask God to give me a family everyone needs family, people who will love them no matter what and also a church where truth is taught and not religion. I was released about 21 yrs. ago and God gave me the largest family anyone could ask for, it is unique in many ways, and it is not normal as the world would see it. Also I went to a church where was no add-ons just Jesus. I also was told I would be back in prison in 6 months and it will soon be 21 years. God is and always has been faithful in my life. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the family and for forgiving me even when I mess up now.

The word also said, "you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind." This is the first and great commandment. (Matthew 22:37 – 40)

I Love and thank God continously with my heart,soul and mind all day and at night before going to bed. Since I am continuous in communion with God I know that God guides, guards and protects me always, in both my thoughts and my actions.

I have an inner christ consciousness,that keeps me to be christ like and this is why Jesus came, to be an example for us all.

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