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Luke 22:66-23:5

The men we see in today's passage, the Jewish leaders, were out to get Jesus, whatever it took. As I first read this account, I felt a little angered by their actions. And then it hit me how much they needed Jesus, but they couldn't see it because they were so caught up in themselves--their position, their power, their comfort. As I was thinking about this, it brought to mind an experience I had a number of years back when I had flown out to the west coast to attend a workshop. There were about 15 of us there and the very first thing we did was go around the room and tell the others who we were and where we worked. Out of the 15, two of us worked in Christian ministry. Most of the people seemed indifferent, but there two or three who then made it a point to openly put down Christians and God. At first I was irritated, but later when I was back in my hotel room, that irritation turned to sadness and then tears. All I could think about was how these precious people were on their way to hell and they were absolutely proud of it (like the men in our passage). I went to that workshop to improve my vocal skills. That happened, but the biggest benefit of the workshop was God working in my heart about lost people. As I flew home I had a renewed energy and commitment to tell others about Christ.

So were you moved like I was by these men's need for a Savior? Or did God impress something else on your heart from this passage? Either way, we all know people who need Jesus. So who is that person(s) for you, and what will you do to help them meet Jesus? Tami

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Zombie shows/movies depicts walking dead in horrific fashion.

The Truth is so much worse.
So many
people are on their way to hell and they are absolutely proud of it.

We must ha e a sense of urgency for His Gospel message to them.

Grace and Peace, until Judgment Day

The leaders were truly blinded as to their need for the Saviour. Many in our day - are equally blind to the fact of their need for Christ.

What impressed me in the reading was Jesus' meekness and submission to those He came to save (along with those to come into the world). He could have shown them some miraculous sign and they would have stopped what they were planning to do.

These passages impressed upon me the need to stand up stronger for Jesus in my daily life ,I know I have ample oppurtunity but for one reason or another I feel I fall short.

I've been blessed to see the Lord work in the lives of several in recent years for whom I've prayed. I've watched them find Him, get involved in a local church, grow in Him, and begin ministering to others with their walk.

So, I'm convinced more than ever that prayer, coupled with our living out Christianity in our lives, investing ourselves in the lives of others, and taking advantage of key opportunities to discuss our faith all provide effective avenues through which the Holy Spirit still works to change lives.

The world is much worse now. Then it was only the Jewish people that Jesus was dealing with, but now it's the whole world. The hatred is much worse now than then. They wanted to crucify Christ. Today they don't want to crucify Christ, they just deny Him. The world is lost and needs to understand that Jesus is their only hope.

I was scammed out of $1,000.00 today. At first I was angry and wanted the ability to punish the person. Then I decided I would let God seek vengenance. Then I realized this wasn't the right way to feel either. I finally decided it was unfortunate the person chose to make the choices he makes.

I am just reading this word today 3/30. It struck me however how easily I could be one of the persons who would be condemning Jesus. We so easily get immersed in our private worlds where every thing is justified by laws that we make. If it was not our response to the pull of God on our hearts how easily could we be like these men, lost. How many times before we committed our lives to God did we hear the word and resist. Praise God for his constancy in appealing to us, remember the life of Saul. Today I pray, thank you Lord for constantly calling sinners to redemption. Amen

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