Put a Stake through It

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Romans 8:13-17; 26-27

As is typical, I read a couple of different versions of our passage and I found myself really liking the language of the ESV (English Standard Version) in verse 13 where it tells us that we can "put to death" our flesh, our sinful acts, our "deeds of the body" if we live according to the Spirit. Those words--put to death--triggered a pretty good image.

So what kind of action will it take for us to live according to the Spirit and stop being controlled by that old sinful nature? Tami W.

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"Put a Stake through It"? Like a modern blood defiler?
To stop putting ourselves before God. To submit to the Will of our Creator.

To recognize we are not god, nor shall we ever be.

He made us, He is righteous, He is sovereign Lord of all.

13 For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. 14

Claiming god is big enough to let me be me in my rebellion is just another defiance of Gods sovereignty and an attempt to disrespect Him by putting ourselves 1st.

I think the action it will take is to give up every area of our life to God,to let him be in control.

I know the Holy Spirit lives within me. My goal is to consult with the Holy Spirit before I act or say anything. He convicts me 'after the fact', but I am learning to listen first and then say or do according to what is good and true.

We must give all of ourselves--our lives, our past, our present, our future, all we were, all we are, and all we will ever be--over firmly into the Spirit's control, allowing him to reside in us in all His fullness, cleansing us of the sinful nature and leading us as He desires.

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