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Luke 18:9-14

Today Luke gives us a close up look at the prayers of a Pharisee (a "religious" man) and a tax collector. And boy, are their prayers ever different. These men highlighted for me that just because we're going through the motions (whatever that motion is--praying, going to church, taking communion, helping in Sunday School), doesn't necessarily equate to having a right heart and attitude. This passage also showed me that whether you and I are a pastor, construction worker, mom, teacher, policeman, you name it, what matters to God is our heart and that we're earnest in our relationship with Him.

So what did Luke 18:9-14 show you about what pleases God? Did you find any prayer helps from this passage? Tami W.

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"some who trusted in themselves"

Jesus plus anything (yes even works ) equals nothing.
Jesus plus nothing eguals everything.

Trust in Tbe LORD.

Jesus also said: "repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand".

I think what pleases GOD is an attitute of love, compassion, servitude, and most importantly, obedience. What I saw in the Pharisee is pride, which I do not want and am always reminded of this passage when I start to feel that way. GOD created us "all" equal and uses us in different ways (thank you Father!). Thanks for the reminder and have a blessed day everyone!

Being humble and remaining humble takes lots of pray and asking the Holy Spirit to keep reminding me when my self pride shows itself

Its so easy to become prideful, especially, because our God is an awesome God that blesses us immensely. It is only because of passages such as this and Gods example that I am reminded to be humble. We are very blessed in this life and most fortunate that we can help others in their struggles. My prayer is to keep a clean heart and for God to hear our pleas as a nation.

As I mentioned several times before, this comes back to having a proper viewpoint of how awesome God is, and how rotten we are. The tax collector had those viewpoints, unlike the Pharisee, and it made all the difference.

It is very easy to let pride be in the way of where are hearts should be. We need to stay in prayer and humble ourselves before him these verses are a great reminder of that.

Pr.4 Tells us to guard our heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life. When I don't guard my heart, and remember who I am in Christ then pride slips in, and spiritual pride has to be the worst, it not only affects the lost were around but it hinders the work of Chirsrt in His church.

when we live a christian life by comparing our selves with others we shall slip into the path of self-esteem or a discontent person. I always remember my first lesson " Fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ ,,,who is the author of our faith and perfecter of our faith:".The cloud of witnesses should glorify God alone but not themselves.

Brings me back to Proverbs 4:23 - Above all else guard your heart for it is the well spring of life.

Like Lisa I have always used this passage to remind myself when I am getting prideful that it does not please God. Reading this passage today God has also opened my eyes to how I can sometimes fall into the trap of judging that others' are more sinful than me. I was helping at a Christmas party last Saturday for disadvantaged children, helping children choose a Christmas present. Most people were having a great time and were happy with their gifts, but a few got angry with us if they thought others' children had got more than theirs. One woman in particular really got to me by yelling and then accusing us of having no Christmas spirit because she thought another mother had been favoured.

"Well, at least I'm not like you!" I thought to myself. I would never be so bitter, ungrateful or spiteful as this woman. I would never fall into the trap of drugs or alcohol and have to rely on others to look out for my needs or my (possible future) children's needs. I was loving and kind and giving up my time to help others.

Today's reading has really convicted me that this attitude is a block to being loving to people in all circumstances. Who knows what this woman has been through in her life to end up in her situation feeling angry and bitter? At least she was being loving to her children even if not to us. I have had loving Christian parents, educational opportunities and stable mental health. Yet I still don't always treat people as a I should, in thought especially. And thoughts can lead to deeds.

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