Operating "Family Wise"

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Proverbs 12:16,18; 13:3; 14:29; 15:1

Yesterday we talked about having wisdom when it comes to family relationships. We're going to hit that topic again today because we're all part of a family (birth family, adopted family, church family) and it's important that we operate within that family to the best of our ability. For me, that means that I need to mindful of every word that comes out of my mouth (Proverbs 12:18; 13:3 and 15:1) and I also need to be mindful of how I act and react to others (Proverbs 12:16; 14:29).

So what have you learned from Proverbs that will help you interact and operate wisely with the different members of your family? Tami W.

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I think we just should always think before speaking just because we think something doesnt mean we have to say it.Were not always going to get along but proverbs talks of that,its better to cool down for a while before speaking out of anger because most of the time we will regret it.

'Take every thought captive'. That is my goal, and yet there are still times when I speak unkindly. My husband and I have been married a long time and we've learned to say the word 'Ouch' when our feeling are hurt. So many times we say something that hurts the other person without even realizing it. In the beginning that hurt would festure and cause a blowup. Now we just say "Ouch" and talk about it and actually end up laughing.

So many of the proverbs repeat the fundamental truth that we, quite often, need to close our mouths and open our ears. If we can learn to become good and wise listeners, we'll also become more effective and helpful communicators.

Trisha thanks for the comments. I'm going to start using "Ouch" with my husband.

I just love to study this.many times have regreted saying this or that. I pray that i will be more wise

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