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Revelation 2:1-7

If someone were to ask us what Revelation was about, we'd probably respond with something like "It's about the future." And that's true, but Revelation deals with the past and the present as well. Over the next few days we'll be focusing on seven messages to churches that were in existence at that time in the area we know today as modern Turkey. So this portion deals with the past. However, Jesus' words (His commendations and warnings) also apply to us today, both as a body of believers and individually.

Today we read about the church in Ephesus. Jesus commends this church for its works and endurance and its diligence in ferreting out false teaching. But a very serious charge follows--the church at Ephesus "had abandoned the love [they] had at first." This is unacceptable and Jesus calls them to remember and repent (verses 4-5).

No one plans or intends to fall away from loving God. So what causes this to happen and how can we guard against it? And if we find that we're heading down that slippery slope, what do we do to correct it and recapture that love? Tami W.

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