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Philippians 1:12-18

So Paul's in prison and one of the first things he wants people to know is that he's ok with that... Actually that he's rejoicing over this fact because his imprisonment "has really served to advance the gospel" (Phil. 1:12). What an example of putting aside all things "self" and living totally for Christ.

So has there been a time in your life when your circumstances weren't necessarily the best but you were alright with that because of what the Lord was doing? What helps you put aside "self" to live for Christ? Tami W.

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"Total Christ Focus" is how living is best. That is a truth that I know in my heart. Then why do I sabotage my efforts of total Christ focus? An answer to that question I do not have. Prayer, Bible study, and time listening to God speaking to my heart is all a part of my day. I know and plan to do the right thing. Then I sabotage my efforts no matter how hard I try not to sabotage them. It's a vicious cycle that is driving me crazy. "Total Christ Focus" is my aim/my target that I make all the preps to reach but almost never reach. It's crazy but it's true.

I hope I am an example to encourage others. I do not remain silent to stay "safe?"

I do disagree with Paul in verse 18. Pretense is a lie. Satan is the liar, and uses lies to deceive us. Lies lead us astray.

One thing we talked about in church this morning is the fact that God uses adversity, no matter what it's source, for our advancement and spiritual growth. If He's working in our lives through adversity, it's totally okay to express to Him to the pain that comes along with that adversity, but we must also express that we don't want Him to stop doing what He's doing until He's finished doing it.

Its a crazy thing but sometimes the most peace I have found is when the turmoil is at its worst and there are no words to console, it is at these times that I feel Christ so exclusively working things out because I have surrendered the circumstances, and in that deep abyss where only the quiet voice of God resides it is peaceful and comforting and only makes me wish I had left self behind a lot sooner.

I want nothing more than living totally for christ but my self keeps getting in the way. I know God is in controll of all circumstances but I always think I have a better way which i usually dont I just pray I can learn to give it all to God in the future.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. God was with me and my loving husband every step of the way. I knew God would use it for good. All during my treatments and after I realized how much and how quickly God was teaching me what He wanted me to know. I had always questioned how strong my faith actually was, how I would stand up to adversity. God showed me how strong I am through Christ who strengthens me. I really do look at my cancer as a blessing. It put my life in the right perspective. I too do not remain silent to stay 'safe'. There is no safe place except in God's will. My cancer did allow me the time and platform to share the gospel with others. God is good!

I agree with paul

Having sold your 'self' to christ i focus on the end results not present circumstances

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