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Philippians 2:19-30

Relationships were important to Paul, and today we get a glimpse of two relationships that were special to him. Timothy was a chosen co-worker of Paul's, yet their relationship went well beyond simply work. Based on Paul's words there was obviously a strong friendship and bond between them. Epaphroditus was apparently sent by the Philippians to Paul, and I love how Paul refers to him as "my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier and your messenger and ministry to my need. . ." (vs. 25).

So what does this passage reveal about the importance of relationships within the Body of Christ? How important is it for you to be involved with other Christians? Tami W.

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The Body of Christ.
Imagine trying to function, but your body keeps separating. Parts keep falling away.
We are One Body in Christ.
Imagine what would happen if we came together in faith and held to Biblical Standards for each other, for ourselves and for our leaders.
55million innocent would not have been slaughtered. Our youth would not be dying of diseases because their lifestyle choices.

Antonio Gramsci said the ways to destroy western civilization and its Capitalism for Socialism to take hold is to breakdown the core of civilizations bounds. One Nation , marriage, rule of Law, Constitution... things that hold us, our body together.. Now you understand why there is this push, to drive a new order of total acceptance, (all but Christ, Christians and Christianity) into our Soceity. The evolution of some was only time released original positions against God and His Son and all who would follow for this New World Order that the Bible has foretold in Prophecy.
We allow Satan to devide us for we won't stand on The Truth of Gods Word, (Logos). We want to believe God would change His eternal Character just so we can live like hell.
God is not mocked.
Grace and Peace, until Judgment Day

God created us to be both leaders and followers. God had appointed Paul to prepare Timothy to carry out the ministry after him. All of us, at some time, are trained, or taught by another Christian. Eventually to go out and train, or disciple some other Christian. Together we can hold others accountable and be held accountable, we have another person to hold our beliefs when the world seems to be going down another path. Our relationship with Christ is always stronger when we are continually being fed the word of God. Fellowship with other believers is how this helps.

I am thankful for the Christian friends God has placed in my life. We all have struggles and things we just don't understand. We are there for each other- to lift each other up through the Word. Life becomes simpler and joyful when we have friends sharing it with us.

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