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1 Corinthians 10:13; 31

Today is the final day of Dr. Kroll's radio series What Keeps Me from Growing. Each day for the past two weeks he's been teaching on one of the top ten things we struggle with. So today's topic is overeating which is a biggie for me. I love food, and I absolutely look forward to eating, but sometimes I get fixated on it all. For example, I like celebrating with food. I find food comforting when I'm stressed or feeling down. And then there are parties, special events and socializing which almost always focus around good food. So all that to say, I need to be careful when it comes to eating and food because they can really pull my focus away from God, which is never a good thing.

So what are some specific things you do that help you keep your focus in the proper place--on God? How has God's Word helped you overcome the temptations we've looked at these past two weeks (worry, anger, laziness, selfishness, pride, lust, overeating, discontentment, critical attitude, gossip)? Tami W.

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There are several things that help keep me with temptations. One is Ex. 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be silent." I have learned that if I don't open my mouth and ask God to fight the battle for me He does. I also pray alot more, it's not just an attitude of prayer. The other thing that I know would help is to have an accountability person in my life, someone who I can be transparent with. The other thing I have learned is when I read the Word it helps me with temptations but if I don't read the word than I give into temptations alot easier.

I find that the more I stay in Gods word the easier it is for me to stay away from temptation but it is always an ongoing process.

Everything we do is to be done for the glory of God. We know when our actions are not glorifying to why do we still do them?! I think everyone struggles with temptations but each person has his/her own temptations to overcome. I'm reminded that we are not to cause our brothers to fall into temptation. If we know someone has an eating disorder or is just simply on a diet, we shouldn't tempt them with food they are avoiding. I also think that a meal eaten with thanksgiving is a wonderful way to fellowship with each other and with God.

Overeating is one of those things that's both easy to do and easy to misinterpret ourselves as doing. In terms of what and how much we take in, each person's body and dietary needs are so different that there's not a fixed standard that can really be set. All the variables mean we can't put a blanket definition on it. But, we can all determine what eating to excess is for us, and do what we can to avoid and overcome it.

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