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Luke 6:37-42

Jesus is very clear in Luke 6:37-42 that it's not our job to go around judging and condemning others. Yet, have you noticed how this is very much our tendency? Honestly, it's a lot easier for me to look at someone else and be critical than it is to step up to the plate and take an honest look at my own heart and actions. But, that's exactly the point Jesus makes when he talks about removing the log from our own eye before we even concern ourselves with the speck we think we see in someone else.

Based on Jesus' words in Luke 6:37-42, what will you do differently the next time that critical attitude raises its ugly head? What can you do right now to proactively look for your logs?
Tami W.

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I know I should not judge, but I think part of the world's problem is we remain silent. The enemy wants us to be silent, so he can have more power. A good example is the recent Chic-fil-a drama. The enemy calls them "haters" and "judging" because they believe homosexuality is wrong as stated multiple times in the Bible. Intimidation is one of the best tools the enemy has. I believe we need to stand up for God and not stand down because it might "offend" someone.

Time spent in communion with God is a great logging camp. :-)

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