Dangerous Pride

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Proverbs 11:2; 29:23

Today on Back to the Bible and here on P4, we're looking at pride. I think it's safe to say that all of us struggle with pride on some level. My experience has been it's pretty easy to slip into that "me" thinking. That's a bad thing because when my focus is on me, it's no longer on God.

So why is easier to see pride in someone else rather than ourselves? If you've taken the opportunity to listen to Dr. Kroll's message today, did you learn anything about pride that surprised you? Tami W

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I have this posted on my desk at home and is a daily reminder about pride.

Our job is to humble ourselves
Gods job is to exalt us
If we try to do Gods job for Him
He will have to do our job for us.

What is the middle letter in the word PRIDE? Yes it is "I"





Thanks for the downloads... really helpful! I hope to use them in the future somewhere? not sure where yet, wherever God puts me.

I think Victor summed it up really well.

very well said praise God..

Thanks Victor. Your comment is now posted on MY desk!

Dig this! As an ol', poor, unemployed, handicapped(?), individual I have no pride. I get by day-by-day "only" by the grace of GOD & the Holy Spirit our Lord Jesus sent back to us. Though I am poor, I am in fact very rich by the indwelling fruit of His Spirit. Amen!? Te Amo y via con Dios amigos!

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