Compassion with Action

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Matthew 9:35-37; 15:32-39; 20:29-34

Today we get three slightly different pictures of compassion through Jesus' actions and words. In Matthew 9:35-37 Jesus demonstrates compassion by teaching the crowds and healing the sick. In Matthew 15:32-39 he feeds 4,000+ people who have been following him and taking in his teaching. And in Matthew 20:29-34 Jesus' compassion leads him to give sight to two blind men in Jericho.

So Jesus shows compassion first and foremost by teaching. He also shows compassion by helping people when he sees they are in need. And He is responsive to specific requests and needs that are brought to his attention (like with the two men in Jericho). Bottom line--compassion combined with action is a must for us as a Christ follower.

So how do we develop a compassionate heart and attitude? What are some ways you have (and do) show compassion to others? Who might you show compassion to even today--and how?
Tami W.

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I liked the verse 'and Jesus stopped'. He stopped what He was doing, stopped where He was going, and acknowledged the men. We get so busy that we fail to acknowledge people we see. I have a father in the nursing home...there are so many residents just sitting around. I am ashamed that many times I quickly leave so I won't have to talk to them. I justify this because 'I am busy'. Shame on me! Thanks for the wakeup!

Without compassion we become negative and hostile defeating the purpose of increasing Gods kingdom. Therefore, we only contribute to the problem. By knowing God's word and staying in it as much as we can we learn from Jesus in his examples. If it were left up to us we wouldn't have been able to complete the task in our limited abilities. I try to show compassion even in the slightest circumstances because you don't know the affect it may have in someone's life at that very moment, and God is always pointing us in the right direction even when we don't want to go. Proverbs: Pleasant words are a honeycomb sweet to the soul.

Having a compassionate heart involves letting the Lord soften our hearts and open our eyes to the need of those around us, with a realization that we can do something, through Him, to give aid to them in His name.

I am doing a Bible study with a few people on Sunday afternoons and we took the verse in Phil. 2 where Paul says we should have the same attitide as Christ Jesus. I believe that we has Christ followers should see how Christ lived and His attitude about others and about sin. Through out the 4 Gospels we see Jesus having compassion on everyone and hating sin. I can not find one place where Jesus did not have compassion on someone. Jesus even had compassion on the religious leaders because He wanted them to see where they were wrong and repent and they still chose not to. I believe that we live our lifes with any and all excuses so we don't have to live a Christ centered life. It is a choice on how we chose to live our life.

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