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Mark 10:35-40

This week we've been considering prayer and looking at scriptures to uncover why sometimes, God doesn't answer our prayers. So far we've seen that God may not answer because we haven't asked Him for what we need. Other times we don't get an answer because we're not treating God like God or maybe it's because we're not treating God's Word well--we're not following God's instructions and commands. But there are still other things that can hinder or block receiving answers to our prayers--like asking God for the wrong things--which is exactly what we see in Mark 10:35-40.

So what did you learn from James and John's actions and behavior? What part does motivation play in getting an answer to prayer? Tami W.

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Yes, that's what is great about the Lord- He knows what is best for us! He knows our needs when we don't know it immediately first. And, He will allow challenges to happen to us only as much as we can handle.

It's funny that the Lord was clarifying to James and John [with my own dramatic interpretation], "Man, do you EVEN KNOW what you are asking for to go through? Do you have ANY IDEA what kind of suffering you two will have to go through? Do you both EVEN THINK you can hack it?"

God is in control of everything. So, if you're asking for something that God doesn't answer right away, it's because:

1) It's not in His timing
2) It doesn't glorify Him

We should be asking for things that glorify Him and not ourselves, which is what James and John were asking for.

I believe if we do a vector check on our wants vs. our needs and question whether it will glorify God vs. propping us up, then God will listen and answer more of our prayers.

The first thing I have learned this week on prayer is even though we are under grace it does not mean we get what we want. The second thing I am learning is that my motive, attitude and being clean from sin really is important to God. The third thing I have learned is God only gives His best and what we see has our best may not be what God sees has the most perfect gift. God will not spoil us and make us brats by giving us everything we ask for because we will always want more of what we want and less of Him.

James and John so loved the Lord and did not realize what they were asking. Jesus was so honest with them and I loved the part that stated they needed to become like servants as Jesus came to serve us. How humbling it is to remember we are no greater than anyone. Jesus is our savior and humbled himself before us because he loves us and he calls us to humble ourselves to serve others to follow His example and He is preparing a place for us.

I realize everyday how little we know about God's plans for us. Because of our limitations and selfishness we cannot comprehend the bigger picture especially, when it looks like its not the way we ordered it in our petitions to the Lord. I watch things happen all around me everyday and I question the reason for some of it because it can seem so unfair, but I still have to find comfort in knowing that God's hands are in everything and he is in control not me. I recently heard that asking for something three times is the cut off if you don't get the answer you are looking for it definetely isn't in God's will at this time.

There is a song about thanking God for unanswered prayer. I don't remember the words, but it tells of the prayers that weren't answered and something so much better came along that could not have happened if God had answered the first prayer. So much of what we ask for is just for today-just for our wants for today. God sees the bigger picture and wants so much more for us than we can ever dream of. Perhaps if we approached prayer as a conversation with God, we would be more willing to listen to what God says than to tell Him what we think we need. Trusting in God's unending love for us and knowing that His ways are best lead me to peace in this world.

I really don't know that this passage has anything to do with prayers that aren't answered.

In Monday's passage, we find that an instance of God not providing because we haven't come to Him in faith and asked.

On Tuesday & Wednesday, we read that the Lord finds detestable and does not entertain the prayers of those who, rather than simply not knowing Him, are in knowing, open, willful, and active rebellion against Him.

Today, we do, indeed, see an answer given. The answer was "no."

Far too often, I think we confuse God's given answer with an answer not being given. Scripturally, we find that when people are knowingly and openly rebellious against God, He does not hear their prayers. Those striving to live for Him, however, can be assured that, if we ask, He does provide an answer. Sometimes, rather than a "yes," those answers are "wait," or "no." But, they're no less an an answer than getting exactly what we ask for.

It is always in God's timing, which is always At the right time and it is always in God's will. When we can learn to submit to God and "Believe Him" we are in God's will. Such a time as this. He is in control, not us, submit to Him. "I want to be the man that I know you see in me, I want to be in the plan that I know you have for you and me", great truths, that I relate to, from lyrics from a special band that loves God!

I agree it is in God's timing. My 17 yr. old son has suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for 5 years now. I have begged God to heal him, to remove the disease. But God's answer is not at this time. I have since changed my request and learned to pray for Mercy, Grace and strength for my son. Just as Paul writes about "his thorn in his flesh". The Lord did not remove the thorn but gave him tremendous strength during his weakness. Just as he as given to my son. I praise God for His Power, His Holy Spirit within us!

I 2 have given up.

Lois, i will pray for you. Im sorry to hear your discouragement. May the Lord in His mercy lift you up on eagles wings. Reading Psalms helped me to be encouraged. I pray you will find the same.

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