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Matthew 18:15-18

People don't stop sinning when they make the decision to follow Christ. Sin is still a part of life that we have to deal with--both as the person who sins and as the one who has been sinned against. Jesus knew this, and in Matthew 18:15-18 He specifically addressed the proper way to handle when a fellow believer behaves badly and sins against us. Wise instruction from Jesus, but not always easy to follow.

Take a couple of minutes and just think about doing exactly what Jesus says in Matthew 18:15-18. What are some of the benefits of following Jesus' instructions? What was the key thing that stood out to you from this passage? Tami W.

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All bases are covered and ample oppotunity is given for redemption and restoration in Jesus' instructions.

And yet, we are clearly told by Jesus Himself that we are to Judge fellow Christians by Gods Word, and if they refuse to Obey The Lords Words, not to fellowship with them in Worship....

Pretty clear.

If they repent, then forgive, if they celebrate their rebellions cast them out.

Imagine what God Almighty thinks about churches who celebrate that disobedience...
Read Revelation 2-3

Grace and Peace, until Judgment Day

I think because he gives us ample time in life to get things right with him, it is expected of us to do the same with follow Christians. Today I am reminded to edify our brothers and sisters thessalonians 5:11 because we are all accountable to God and to recognize this means that our walk is everyones walk we cannot just think that Gods intention is for us to do good, but it is to lighten the path for all his people.

It is for our mutual benefit to forgive each other. It will bring joy and love to our fellowship. The key that stood out for me is the repeated word "listen". We do not listen to each other. That's why God gave us two ears and only one mouth! Let us listen more to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In His Grip.

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