Prodigal--Part I

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Luke 15:11-31

There are so many lessons for us in Luke 15:11-31 (the parable of the prodigal son) that we're actually going to spend two days on this passage. Today I focused on the youngest son and the father. First, I considered the son's actions and what was going on in his heart and with his thinking that led him to do the things he did (both bad and good). Then I took a look at the father and the way he interacted with this young man in the foolish times and when his son returned seeking forgiveness. Overall it was a good reminder, actually a good warning, about how dangerous it is when we insist on being the driver of our lives rather than serving and following our Heavenly Father.

So what did you learn about prodigals (either having one or being one) from this parable today? What was one thing you learned from the youngest son? What about from the father? Tami W.

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So what did you learn about prodigals (either having one or being one) from this parable today?

Like Woody said when he left his wife for their adopted daughter, "The heart wants what the heart wants"

Our heart of worldly desires lead us away from The Father who loves us. Only when we are broken can we see the loss of relationship with the most loving and richest Father in all eternity.

What was one thing you learned from the youngest son?
I must realize the depths of my sinful desires and how they force a separation from God The Father.

What about from the father?
Praise God, He is faithful.

Grace and Peace, until Judgment Day

This story illustrates the core of Christianity. The father loves the son unconditionally and is wiling to forgive. God loves us this way and will forgive and redeem us if when come home to live in his house, to love and honor him.

Thanks be to God.

What I learn about prodigals that they/we are selfish people. We are concerned mainly about ourselves but we also become aware that when the chips are down we can do something about it by acknowledging that the chips are down and we have to make it right by confessing to the wrongdoing by owning it and seek forgiveness. This progigal son did. He perhaps did not know how he would be treated but he took a chance of a lifetime to make it right. I believe he could not believe his father would have been so forgiving and loving. His father did not lecture him on what he did wrong but was joyful he had returned.

So does our Heavenly Father, and that is why He came down from heaven and became man being born of the virgin Mary. He came down to save us so that we can have life everlasting if we accept Him. What an AWESOME God we serve! Give Him all the glory, honour,power, praise and thanks right now.

IT shows Gods unconditional love for us no matter where weve been or how long weve been going He is always waiting with open arms.The afather shows us the acceptance we need to have in our lives for each other and be not judgemental. Praise God...

At the core, a prodigal is more concerned about self than about God and fellow man, and is self-centered enough to take and do what he/she desires above all else, no matter who it hurts.

The son had to hit rock bottom before he finally "came to his senses" and realized the depths of his misery and brokenness. Unfortunately, this is the case with many. He did, however, make a sincere choice to return to his Father.

The Father, meanwhile, loves His son so much that, apparently, He goes out looking for him along the road on a daily basis, always seeking his return. When He sees His son in the distance, He's willing to pull up His robe and run to him (a disgraceful act for a father in Jesus' day) in his joy to have him back.

Such is God's extravagant love for us today, and that's certainly worthy of praise and thanks.

we are all prodigal born under sin the Apostle Paul said it right "in my flesh dwellest no good" but thank God For his love and mercy.
our heavenly father waits and watches from afar for our return and we go on and on squandering our life end everything we have until one day we come to our senses like this young man did and see that the father was there waiting for us all along with a robe of righteousness to cover the new man for we were lost but now we are found praise God we didn't deserve it but he did it anyway and that is Grace!!

So what did you learn about prodigals (either having one or being one) from this parable today? What was one thing you learned from the youngest son? What about from the father? The youngest son was stubborn & selfish. The fathers only concern was for his son.

there is two things that i have learned from this story. first i learned one should listen--James says it best, be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. the oldest boy was hurt and that hurt turned to anger and the father didn't listen to the hurt, he went out and tryed to speak to his son. the other thing that i learned from this story is the attitude of both of the sons and the disrespect they both had for their father. i know that i have to check my attitude sometimes because i want what i want and what i want is not always what God wants. God only wants what is best for me and what i want isn't always the best for me.

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